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Windows 10 mobile update


As of now, the mass release of Windows 10 mobile for all windows devices including the Windows phone is yet to be confirmed.


Yet with all these Microsoft app releases combined with the third part apps focused on the Windows platform, it’s looking a lot like it’s going to happen soon.


However, as Windows 10 grows larger and gains more momentum this can be a little hard to tell since more and more apps are being converted over to the Windows Platform.


One of these apps is the highly anticipated Outlook Groups app, which of course was built specifically for Windows 10.


Those using Office 365 will now have the change to put this app to work for them. It connects them to their team remotely in a unique and different way.


Here are the features:


  • Seamless collaboration in group email conversations
  • Contribute to projects with message likes, @ mentions, or photo sharing
  • Use OneNote’s notebook platform for team workflow
  • Work on and co-author Office files from Word, Excel, and others
  • Find new Office 365 groups and join the conversations


A recent update also made the following changes:

  • Native Windows 10 support
  • Dark and Light theme support
  • High contrast support
  • Multi attachment support
  • Upgraded conversations view
  • Minor bug fixes


Want to find out more about the Outlook Groups App? Satya Nadella talks about it here.


Image credits: Windows Blog


  1. Roman says:

    Looks like a very nice and interesting idea

  2. Andrew says:

    I happen to enter your blog with the help of Google search. To my sheer luck I got what I was searching for. Thanks

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