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On any given year in the US, about 135,000 people are injured or fatally injured in a commercial trucking accident. Now imagine how many suits are filed because of these occurrences – thousands upon thousands.


In these commercial trucking lawsuits there is a recurring issue that arises. Those making the claim against the trucking company often wait until the last few days or weeks allowed in their statute of limitations to file their claim.


This presents a very specific problem for trucking companies – they’re painfully ill-prepared for the claim as it comes as a surprise. Here’s a common example:

We were in a car accident two years ago and everything seemed settled until we received a summons claim from the court saying we were being sued. We were being sued for over $2,500,000 and didn’t really know what do to. There was police at the crash scene and the person suing seemed okay which is what the police told us.”


Although most trucking companies have a standard set of legal practices in crash situations, they’re still losing millions every year due to surprise court summons and poor preparation. It’s clear that there is a very deep lack of knowledge and preparation on how to best handle this situation. To overcome this, trucking companies need:


  • A centralized hub for case management
  • Archived data (incident reports, pictures, witness lists, etc.) of all accidents in a repository
  • A Step by step guide to legal process and collaboration of legal teams and insurance companies
  • An advanced coordination and document management ability to share and update files
  • Contain legal fees and costs
  • Mobile app that empowers the drivers to take notes or audio clips about the incident along with ability to take pictures and upload instantly into the cloud to trigger an internal process


What many might not expect is that a legal-specialized mobile app can accomplish each of these objectives. Guiding trucking companies to know what to do next prevents court summons from ever being a surprise.


And creating this legal app for trucking companies is well within our scope of specialty with our years of experience creating custom mobile apps for government agencies and private companies alike. Talk to use about creating this legal app here.



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