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Undoubtedly, a hot topic for companies in 2016 is the ability to increase organizational efficiency with enterprise mobility. More specifically, mobile content management (MCM) has become the subject of debate between companies.


Some seem to value it higher than others, as was recently discovered in an industry study of polled IT professionals. This study received some revealing responses to the question of mobility.

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It was discovered that only 30% of organizations use mobile content management for SharePoint or Office 365 while a hefty 40% were stuck in the consideration phase. Where the big difference comes in, however, is that 25% of companies were not even considering mobile content management for their cloud productivity apps.


And in 2016, this perhaps could be construed as a sign of missing the opportunity to innovate. However, the next poll revealed some data that was a bit more standard.

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The mobilization of IT specialists does tend to make sense as productivity and efficiency is at the top of their priority list – and Office 365/SharePoint are key tools for this. Additionally, the mobilization of field technicians would naturally be high on the list as they’re constantly on the go.


And with our highly mobile world in 2016, consultants and sales teams follow up just as naturally as they need SharePoint access alongside IT workers, albeit less so.


As far as mobile content management for actual company processes; the study had some more revealing data to show:

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Finally, at the top of the list is general internal business practices in 2016. This implies the growing importance of organizational efficiency and the imperative nature of mobility. It’s looking like companies are realizing that without mobility their efficiency is stunted from the bottom up.


Consumer facing processes were listed as the priority for 30% of companies as our real-time world doesn’t slow stop or slow down, especially for the consumer.


SharePoint and Office 365 are critical efficiency tools for these companies and likely for yours too. We’ve built custom SharePoint environments for countless companies, so check out what we’re capable of.



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