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Cyber Security services Dallas

Our online world gives us unlimited opportunity, but it’s paired with significant risk, specifically when it comes to cybersecurity. Risks are coming from all over the globe as our planet becomes more and more connected. As a recent Microsoft presentation on this topic mentioned, our online world has grown very quickly. What will our global cyberspace look like in 2025? Here’s a peek –


Cyber Security services Dallas

Cyber Security services Dallas

Cyber Security services Dallas

Nearly 69 percent of those in emerging economies will be using the Internet. Internet dependence will not just be a concept, but rather the new reality.


Around the world with more and more connections are being established every year, attacks on critical infrastructure are becoming a growing cause of concern. These attacks are coming in from cybercriminals and hackers with many different motivations – some looking to undermine their governments and others simply looking to make a quick buck. The fear that governments and private companies alike show for these potential attacks is justified, as the frequency of these attacks is increasing just as exponentially as the number of humans using the internet year over year.


This increasingly connected world has laid the fertile ground for new cyber-attacks to take hold. However, companies across the globe have begun the necessary investment into technologies to counter the attempts to compromise critical company infrastructure.


And as the graph above shows, by 2025, explosive growth will be clearly apparent and its affects will be felt. New technology adoption is happening quicker than ever before but cybersecurity laws and social standards are lagging to keep up. Massive online technology growth without considering the potential downsides has led us to believe there are certain predictions we can make for 2025.


Here’s what our Visions are for the Future of Cybersecurity:


Vision 1: “Threat information sharing” will become more balanced between companies and the government as red tape is removed. What this means is that government bureaus such as the Department of Homeland Security cannot share vital information with private companies due to legal and governmental restrictions. While government organizations across the globe like the DHS collect cyber security data in collaboration with private companies, there’s very little knowledge share to the public and to even private companies. The Chief Technology Officer at the governmental Office of Cybersecurity and Communications says the DHS is looking to play a more active role in threat information sharing, so we foresee this trend changing over time.


Vision 2: Despite the proliferation of new tools for data computation and data security, there will be a massive lack of good data scientists and cybersecurity professionals. As stated by our past articles, demand for talented data analysts and cyber security professionals will outstrip supply by about 5 times over the next ten years. A big issue is that tools for handling big data cannot perfectly input and output the right context for the data to make it useful for companies. It still needs to be deciphered with a human at the controls. Likewise, simply putting a tool in place to handle cybersecurity is not enough.


Vision 3: With our ever-increasingly connected global economy, the new source of cyber-attacks will come from our global supply chains. This goes hand in hand with the massive increase of outsourcing and offshoring. Often, access codes and access points are not under complete control due to these operations and organizations simply aren’t prepared to control this risk. Because of the highly bureaucratic system of operations, big businesses and banks are solely reactionary to threats. If this is to change, the process of operating their tech departments must change. And one bank or company won’t be able to fix the issue alone, the industry must move forward and adopt new methods together to stop this issue from becoming worse.


Vision 4: We have a massive wealth of data on threats but we have little in the way of proactive prevention of threats – but this will change. Reactionary is the name of the game in 2016. Slowly, we’re seeing a more analytical approach from a few key companies that allows them to apply machine learning to their applications. These companies will need to bring a collection of tools together in a duct-tape fashion to prevent further threats from happening before the damage is done.


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