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Is this yet another product launch or there are some vital features that will change the ways users operate? Find out what SharePoint 2016 really offers-

 Microsoft SharePoint 2016

With the launch of every new product, an obvious question always crosses the minds of users.


What’s in it for me?


Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is no exception.


“SharePoint 2016 was built from the Cloud-Up” – Bill Baer, Senior Product Manager (SharePoint) mentioned. Thus, the hybrid experience is a major highlight of the SharePoint 2016 release.


The launch of SharePoint 2016 reinforces Microsoft’s commitment to providing on-premises experience as it joins the release of on-premises Office 365. The release has been pushed so that vendors and clients have ample time to use it, provide feedback and improvements can be incorporated.


SharePoint 2016 is set to help users (who have not moved to cloud) to use some of the features it offers without adopting cloud technologies. With a connection between on-premises SharePoint sites and SharePoint Online/Office 365, Microsoft has expanded the possibilities with a hybrid infrastructure.


Some of the key features that are new to SharePoint 2016 are:

  • Enhanced user experience with an improved SharePoint ribbon. It is an enhanced version from SharePoint 2013 and matches the Office 365 ribbons. It implies that if users are working on both the systems, the look and feel will remain the same. With this change, Microsoft has reinforced its commitment to consistently enhance user experience.
  • The Hybrid OneDrive for business is a great way to move in the cloud for users who wish to go slow. There is an option to redirect on-premises My Sites and OneDrive host to SharePoint Online OneDrive for Business.
  • In case you have sites that are both on premises and online and you have users who follow these, you can share them both at a central location.
  • The other important feature that has been introduced in SharePoint 2016 is that if on clicking OneDrive, the user is directed to Office 365 My Site rather than on-premises
  • The end users can also benefit from a more enhanced search mechanism with a unified search function for on-premises and online users
  • Hybrid installations have been made easier


SharePoint 2016 is an important development for those who wish to be in control of data while moving in the cloud.


To learn more about SharePoint 2016 and how it can benefit you, speak to our SharePoint experts today.



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