Threat defense, malware protection, secure mobility, protection against data breaches and phishing attacks – are you protected against latest web attacks?  

As per a recent KPMG study, as high as 50% CEOs (of companies with over $500 million annual revenue) don’t feel prepared for a web security attack

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Web applications have increased vulnerability to malicious attacks. If you have a web application for your business, should you be worried? Most definitely.


Attackers don’t single out web applications. They seek loopholes in a business web application to invade one. If you have a web application that involves financial transactions like an online banking portal, or social media sharing or sharing an online email portal, and don’t have ample security measures, you are at risk. And the risk increases as malicious attackers find new ways to exploit your website. There are web security tools and firewalls (known as Web Application Firewall or WAF) to detect malicious attacks before it’s too late. There is another way to protect yourself, you can have an expert conduct a source code audit or a penetration tester who will check if your website has security weaknesses.

Want to make an informed decision before choosing the right partner to help you protect against web security threats?


An introduction to Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)


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You can also refer to The Open Web Application Security Project or OWASP, which is an international organization that is dedicated to application security. It was established on 1st December 2001. It is backed by the OWASP Foundation, which is a not-for-profit entity. The people contributing to the project are a global group of volunteers and anyone is free to participate, ask questions or leave comments. There are 45,000 participants of the project from around the globe. The OWASP uses the cloud to crowd-source information and case studies related to application security. The intent of the group is to educate developers, designers, architects and business owners. It is known as a trusted community where technology professionals network and build expertise related to combat web application security threats.


The mission of the project is make unbiased information related to web security available so that organizations can make informed decisions. The purpose of the project is to “Be the thriving global community that drives visibility and evolution in the safety and security of the world’s software”. They regularly release software tools and knowledge-based documentation for application security.


The OWASP is a set of protocols to prepare for the latest security vulnerabilities. In order to help identify security gaps better, there are 10 broad categories for security concerns. It is famously known as the OWASP Top 10. The list is published each year and are considered to be the biggest web security threats. Amongst other popular publications are the software assurance maturity model, development guide, testing guide, code review guide, application security verification standard, incident response guidance and webgoat, which is a guide for secure programming practices.

Interested to attend a free course related to Web Security and the OWASP Top 10: The Big Picture delivered by Troy Hunt? Troy is a Microsoft Software Architect for Developer Security and APInsider. The link to his blog The course is a well-structured assimilation of business risks, prioritization of these risks and the different ways for software companies to combat them.


Speak to our web security professionals to assess the risks that your business website is susceptible to.



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