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Many have speculated about the tech trends that will change our world in 2017. But of all the IT trends, which one will actually become dominant? Will virtual-reality experience a new breakthrough? Will Internet of Things (IoT) see exponential growth? Self-driving cars made a debut in 2016, but will they hit the mainstream in 2017?


Past all the hype, there are some very real changes coming your way – here is a look at the IT trends that our experience shows us could really make an impact.


The trends we think will make a big hit in 2017.


IoT will grow but so will the security concerns around them


We have been hearing about Internet of Things (IoT) and how it’s making homes smarter. As per impressive trends, smart city deployments will take a lot of focus. More and more organizations will concentrate on integrating different smart home IoT devices on the Cloud. In 2017, the trend of IoT devices connecting to the Cloud like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google (with its partnership with Qualcomm and announcement of Android Things) will really accelerate.


But what about the big security concerns that looms over the growth of IoT? Especially after the concerning DDoS attack.


Just a few months ago, hackers were able to make the security of IoT devices questionable and we covered that in a blog. Cyber security experts predict that serious security breaches will continue (or rather intensify) in 2017.Hackers will target industries like Fleet Management, Manufacturing, Retail and Government.  There is no choice but for smart home companies to shift a lot of their focus on ensuring security of IoT devices. It is expected that Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and other companies, in 2017, will invest in training and certifications in order to certify IoT-enabled devices.


Artificial Intelligence powered systems will grow 

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Artificial intelligence is everywhere – Siri, Cortana and even smart homes. Aggregation of Big Data is set to make people’s lives easier. More and more people are adopting AI driven devices and integrated voice-controlled homes is not seen as a far-fetched reality.


Does it also mean that robots replace our jobs?


Yes, maybe. The manufacturing sector has already experienced a shift to the using of robots. There will be an elimination of repetitive human jobs and robots will be doing these jobs instead. There’s even a risk of robots replacing some specialized jobs of diagnosticians, and customer seear future.


In an interview by Sergey Gribov, Partner at Flint Capital, said “You know, you have AI telling you what your schedule is, what time you wake up. More and more, you have AI kind of helping you doing things in all aspects of life, at home and at work.” He emphasized “AI will start just analyzing data to predict the future. Look at self-driving cars — you go into your car and turn right, the AI in your car will know, will be able to predict where you would head as part of your routine. Maybe it knows where you are going to go shop. AI will help us guide us as we go on our ways.”


Growth of biometric


Biometric was primarily reserved for fingerprint reservation on our smartphones. The other forms were the facial recognition on computers and Touch ID on MacBook Pros.


Biometric security is growing and 2017 is the year that there will be a rampant use of the fingers, eyes, face and heartbeats to secure devices and technology. The financial sector, primarily, will experience increased security measures to protect our identity and privacy. The trend will be so strong that by 2018 nearly every person (yes, every person!) is expected to use some or the other body part to protect their identity.


With this trend, encryption will get stronger for mobile and communication technology. On the other hand, Trump and his new Government are trying to make law enforcement more stringent to break into devices and privacy. That battle will be an interesting one to watch in 2017.


What do you think will be the other Tech Trends to take the center stage in 2017?


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