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Can your mobile app earn more than you’ve invested to develop it? Absolutely. (a) You don’t have to invest a fortune to build a mobile app & (b) You have to be aware of the secret to make your mobile app profitable (with this blog)


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Why is it that all mobile apps don’t make it big? Right from the start, most commonly these apps get lost in the flux of countless other mobile apps that are being developed every single day. And the reason that these mobile apps get lost after production? They don’t have a mobile app strategy in place.


What should a mobile app strategy do?


You mobile app strategy should define the purpose of the app, its differentiators, be able to capture how will the app make money (ask for money up front or offer in-app purchases or will you earn with ads showing on your mobile app?). The strategy also talks about several ways you can develop a cost-effective app.


Purpose of the mobile app


Why do you want to develop the mobile app? What will be the differentiators of the app? Who is the target customer for your app?


Think and research about some of the ways that your app can be different in the category under which you want to develop the mobile app. There are websites like Apptopia and Mobile Action that are good to look through for actionable mobile app market insights (in the category that you seek to develop a mobile app).


At the end of the research, you should have a clear purpose, an understanding of who your competitors are, and also about the USP of your mobile app.


Save moolah


Now, this one is the smart move.


Buy an app template rather than getting the mobile app developed from scratch. Typically if you get the app developed group up, it will cost anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000. But if you purchase a template, you can buy it for as less as $100! Another option is to search for dormant apps and seek if the mobile app owners are willing to sell such apps.


Find the right talent


Look for the right kind of developer who has a successful track record and the required skills for developing the kind of mobile app that you are seeking. For example, ISHIR has a pool of talented iOS, Android and Windows developers who are technically proficient to not just develop a mobile app for you but also suggest different ways to optimize it, and turn it into a profitable mobile app.


ASO or App Store Optimization


How are most of the apps discovered? Through the app stores.


And how do you make your mobile app is searchable on iTunes of Google Play?


With ASO or App Store Optimization.


App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing mobile apps and making them rank high in the app store’s search results. It is also a technique that to optimize app icons, screenshots, keywords and app description.


Drive traffic


Can you? Yes.


If you invest in ads on Social Media channels so that the targeted customers can view (and possibly download) your mobile app. While ASO can ensure a good ranking for your app, investing in ads can ensure that you are able to get faster and more downloads. It is also important to have the right kind of ad, at the right time and on the right channel (depending on your target customers).


If you seek to develop a profitable mobile app with minimum investment and even lesser time, it’s time to speak to us.


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