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Tools for automated testing are a dime a dozen, so finding the right one can be a struggle. Researching and choosing the right automated testing tool will ultimately determine your rate of success. But wait, what else is there to consider?


Automated Testing is quite a popular way of testing in the QA industry, especially for large projects.


Before we start to analyze why automated testing fails, or what can be done right to ensure the success of the tool, let’s do a quick understanding of what automated testing is.


Automated testing is a process that uses tools to execute pre-scripted tests on a software application before it can be released. One of the key objectives of Automated Testing is to make the manual process simpler. If the larger testing part of the project consists of Unit Testing, such a project is most suited for Automated Testing.

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Automated Testing fails when organizations fail to address the most common issues. Here are the best solutions available for common issues related to Automated Testing.


Issue 1

There are a lot of organizations who start using an automated testing tool and expect that it will solve all their project challenges really fast. This usually happens when the business leaders are unable to conceive and correctly map their testing requirements with the right testing tool. Each kind of automated testing tool is meant to address different project requirements.


One of the ways to select the right automated testing tool is to have an intuitive test-case design. For a good test design portfolio, you have to ensure that there is a good risk coverage.


Issue 2

In a number of projects, it is assumed that the more the number of automated test cases, nothing can go wrong. One of the problems with that approach is that tests are not clearly defined, which implies that they are not consistent with what the test case is meant to achieve.


One of the best ways to deal with this issue is to review the test cases thoroughly. The idea is not more the merrier but just the right number of test cases to cover your back.


Issue 3

Project teams often believe that once they have procured an Automated Testing Tool, they have a magic potion of instant success.


An Automated Testing tool is not enough. In order to make automated testing successful, an organization needs to have a QA process and support for agile software development method.


Issue 4

Organizations don’t consider the big picture. They hurriedly procure an automated testing tool to address a problem that seems big at a given time.


Take suggestions from experts who are well-versed with agile development and continuous testing. The tool should be able to help the developers, testers and the managers.


Issue 5

Lot of testers recommend that Automated Testing should replace manual testing.


It is best to use a combination of both manual and automation testing. Testers should identify user cases where human element is required and cannot be replaced with Automated Testing. Large Applications can also use Regression Testing.


With the right automation tool, used in the right way, automated testing can help teams to get rid of defects early in the development cycle. It can reduce cost and rework, save time, improve quality and lower security threats.


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