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If you wish to get the best from your IT applications, you need to ensure that you engage with a mature service provider that has a proven and well-defined application maintenance methodology.

Unexpected downtime, application failure, increasing expenses and making business operations available round-the-clock – we know about all your application challenges.

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These are all real and current challenges that most organizations face today. Unexpected downtime can cost a lot of money to your organization. No one wants LOSS!


So, how do you ensure that your mission-critical application doesn’t ditch you unexpectedly? Selecting the right application maintenance service provider who can cover your risks, ensure application availability, and help you increase your time to market is a great start. You need a software application development company which can provide center of excellence (CoE) in leading technologies such as Microsoft, Java and other leading mission-critical software platforms.


Here are some tips to find the right application maintenance service provider:


  • Have they perfected their methodology for the gradual transfer of duties from customer’s in-house maintenance team to their offshore team?
  • While there are variations depending on the nature of the application and the scope of the project, most maintenance projects need a proven well-defined approach to be most effective.
  • The service provider must have proven methodologies to help break down the maintenance process into systematic levels.
  • The provider is able to set goals to maintain agreed service levels.
  • Based on your needs, budgets and the preferred engagement model, the service provider should be able to provide 24×7 coverage for application portfolios.
  • The provider should have expertise in Microsoft Technologies, J2EE, Java, Open Source and several other platforms, databases, languages, software, and enterprise applications.


The Application Maintenance Methodology is accomplished in four phases:


Phase I  

  • Select team based upon the execution platform, operating systems, software environment, business environment, databases, etc.
  • Obtain thorough understanding of the business domain and a complete understanding of the application implementation.
  • Configure the right maintenance model along with a gradual knowledge transfer to the offshore maintenance team.


Phase II  

  • Stabilize infrastructure and the support processes.
  • Obtain thorough understanding of the scope and complexity of technical and business issues.
  • Distribute work between client and offshore maintenance teams.
  • Provide training in the areas required for the maintenance team under the guidance of the onsite team.
  • Schedule workload and system analysis.


Phase III  

  • Acquire complete knowledge of application execution environment, operational knowledge, business logic and structural/design knowledge.
  • Offshore maintenance team prepares to perform most change request activities on its own, including help desk calls.
  • Client team to retain highly critical activities like change prioritization and version control.


Phase IV 

  • Provide steady state support.
  • Assume entire maintenance operation, from versioning and end-user support, to help desk activities.


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