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Are there a high number of US advertising and digital marketing agencies that consider outsourcing? Yes, there definitely are. What services do they outsource the most?

In 2016, surveys show that as high as 62% of digital and advertising agencies in the US outsourced portions of work that require technical expertise. In 2017, the percentage is set to grow. As per research, a lot of work that requires HTML, CSS, AJAX and LAMP programming skills is outsourced.

Outsource Advertising Agencies in US

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And why do they outsource? We have listed some of the benefits below:

  • Agencies can maximize margins – by getting more work for less, the advertising agencies are able to save a significant amount of money and time. This advantage helps them make more profit in their projects. Moreover, there is no need for agencies, in such scenarios, to scout for, train and hire internal resources who have technical expertise.
  • Ability to manage work fluctuations better – a lot of work in digital or advertising agencies comes in unpredictable ways. When outsourced, the agencies can focus on their creative work without having to worry about bits that require technical expertise.
  • Faster delivery – when the agencies hire experts to outsource work, the deliveries are faster and better quality.

Some of the services that these agencies most commonly outsource are:

  • Web Design, Development & Maintenance – many US-based Advertising companies prefer to outsource this work as it requires highly skilled and technical professionals. If outsourced, companies can save as high as 50% in production costs.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – these services are outsourced the most.  If done using expert help, agencies can gain improved web traffic, drive qualified leads and build the company brand. In the recent times, SMM (Social Media Management) is also a service that is outsourced to build social brand persona and enhance social influence. SEM, SEO and SMM are services that do not require the service provider to be near the customer. The success of it depends more on technical expertise.
  • Analytics – most of the agencies ignore that they need to keep track of their activities with the help of analytics. One of the reasons for this is lack of technical expertise. Analytics are critical to help keep a watch on the various marketing initiatives like performance of websites, social media channels, corporate blogs, etc.
  • Content Writing – For writing SEO content (and not necessarily creative writing), a lot of agencies engage with freelance writers or service providers who can provide this service.
  • Email Marketing – American companies outsource this task with control over the design, content and distribution. With such flexibility, agencies either outsource the entire process to experts or parts of it.
  • Mobile App Development – mobile is a relatively new channel and one of the most sought after technical skill. Not many have the expertise to design and develop mobile applications. An increasing number of agencies are considering outsourcing for this specialized area of mobile app design and development.

Outsourcing is one of the most effective ways by which agencies can provide value to their customers. Whether it’s engaging with freelancers or hiring an expert service provider in a domain, it can work wonders with the right resources in place.

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