As more and more companies looking to save on hardware costs, licensing costs, resource costs, energy costs as well as maintain a high-level of server up time at lowest cost possible, now might be the right time to look at Microsoft hosted solutions.

This White Paper from Microsoft on their latest offering around the Cloud, in competition with Google and goes into detail on the benefits of Microsoft Online Services to your business.

Here’s a synopsis of the White Paper. The link to the site to download the White Paper has been provided at the end of this post.

Microsoft® Online Services provide businesses with subscription-based Microsoft-hosted online services that offer access to rich communication, collaboration, and productivity applications from anywhere. This hosted solution helps organizations reduce the costs of managing and maintaining business systems, which frees information technology resources and enables staff to focus on initiatives that can deliver competitive advantage to the business.

The benefits of Microsoft Online Services include:

    – Better control of IT technology investments
    – Better cash flow management
    – Simplified software subscription license management
    – A Microsoft commitment to deliver secure, available, and private online software services
    – Increased productivity
    – Access to the latest business productivity software services from Microsoft

Download White Paper

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