Key applications such as messaging, worker and group collaboration tools, and online conferencing services provide the foundation for businesses of all sizes and in all markets. Though necessary to the day-to-day operation of your business, these applications can be expensive to purchase and operate. These important online communication tools require staff with specialist skills outside the key requirements for your business, can represent a significant overhead, and must be regularly maintained and monitored to ensure that they are securely and reliably operated.

Microsoft Online Services are online applications designed especially for the needs of business customers. The Business Productivity Online Standard Suite is a set of Microsoft Online Services, subscription-based enterprise software services hosted by Microsoft and sold with partners. The Online Services operate within a complete ecosystem of features and capabilities that are designed to meet and in many cases to exceed the security and availability goals that you have for your business applications.

These services are backed by strong service-level agreements made possible by Microsoft’s investing billions in data centers to support these services. They make it easier for customers to rapidly and cost-effectively access the most up-to-date technologies, and are fully integrated and designed for rapid deployment to provide customers with streamlined communications, simplified management, and business-class reliability and security. The services, which can be purchased individually or in Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite are following:

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