Some years ago, Linux was often preferred by most webmasters. Systems running the Microsoft Windows NT4 were critiqued, neglected because of lack of security, and difficulty to administer. According to many, Linux has simplified core, which could be easily reduced to the sole purpose of web hosting, unlike windows.

Listening to those critics, Microsoft launched Windows 2000 server that is not only secure adequately, but also easy to use, even by computer newbies. With the development of Windows 2000, Microsoft offered webmasters (1) a more secure system based on a new core, and (2) an interface like Windows 98, but much easier to be administered. The development of Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server , which is easy to deploy, administer and use . With its familiar graphical interface, it is easy to use. In addition, Windows  SharePoint Server 2003 R2 is secure and reliable.

Converting your file server in a collaboration server – Microsoft SharePoint Services is the ideal platform for creating web sites for information sharing and productivity of teams. It can accommodate thousands of sites within an organization, manages the distribution of charge within a server farm and deployment of databases in cluster.

Small companies have found large gains in the use of SharePoint to address specific business problems with measurable results. In many cases the free version of the software (WSS) is sufficient to provide enormous value, and therefore the cost is very reasonable for the tightest of budgets.

Small businesses find documents and information that is common to all employees or employee groups. Make this content “Self-service”, sending the intranet site.

*Human Resources documents – manuals, employee vacation request forms, employee contact lists, emergency contact lists, etc.

* The files of clients – current contracts, contact information, meeting notes, forms, costs, etc.

* File Operations – reports, accounting files, procedures, contact lists from your suppliers, etc.

Web services easy to find, share and reuse – Windows Server 2003 R2 includes the multi-platform UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) for the establishment of a dynamic and flexible infrastructure for Web services.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Sever (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) are vast platforms and thus in-depth product knowledge is inevitable for a successful, optimal yield, full life cycle implementation.

Companies like Ishir Infotech, Catapult system having expertise in Sharepoint Development, have been engaged in implementation and customization of this technology since its inception. Thus over the period of time have we have developed a unique methodology to understand the nuances of client requirements and match that up with best possible corresponding solution, be it with Out of the Box features or custom development.

Improve the protection and availability of documents- With its new restoration function, any user can instantly recover previous versions of their files, without the need of a computer technician.

Rapid Deployment of Applications with the Integrated Web Application Server – The integrated Microsoft. NET is deeply integrated into the operating system Windows Server 2003 R2, enabling the creation of high-performance Web applications without ambiguity.

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