ISHIR believes that Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a complex environment and the US market particularly major markets such as Dallas, Houston, Seattle, New York, Austin, Chicago, Miami are facing a severe shortage of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 talent and expertise. It may be technically quite difficult and comparatively expensive for any business to implement Microsoft SharePoint 2010 employing internal resources due to lack of knowledge and expertise. More often this results into project delivery timescale’s slip and/or worse still abandon their Microsoft SharePoint 2010 projects due to lack of available talent. So, even though Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is as ‘hot’ as it can come by, it is crying out loud due to acute lack of talent and expertise. ISHIR has identified that the prominent reason behind businesses suffering from deficit of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 resources in the US is that there aren’t enough people who have the required qualifications and appropriate skills to fulfill the increasing demand for new apps. According to an industry study, the use of Microsoft Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is growing, but maintenance costs can be high, especially given the lack of trained personnel.


A “State of the Market” study by Osterman Research, which surveyed “more than 120 IT executives, managers and staffers at mid-to-large enterprises”, stated that the average cost to manage Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is $46 per user every month. Contrastingly, Microsoft Exchange management costs were found to be much lower, ranging from around $15 to $25 per user every month.


This is where ISHIR steps in.


ISHIR is a Microsoft Gold Partner with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Gold competency. We are proficient in developing solutions employing Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Platform and inter-related Microsoft and third-party technologies such as K2, AgilePoint, AvePoint, SharePoint Duet to name a few. Our large talent pool of professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010 experts employ industry best practices to assure that our Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010 solution caters to all your enterprise portal requirements, while at the same time enabling your IT resources to just focus on your company’s core business.  We have a deep knowledge in Microsoft SharePoint Branding and User Experience Design, Web Part Development; Microsoft SharePoint based product development, Microsoft SharePoint Quick Start programs, Microsoft SharePoint Consulting and Microsoft SharePoint SharePoint Governance and Administration.  Please visit us at to learn more about our capabilities.

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