A study conducted by research firm IDC for Microsoft said, “The cloud technology is also projected to generate 14 million new jobs worldwide in the same time.” It has been due to the rising number of companies adopting cloud computing that there are anticipations about creation of more than 2 million jobs in India by the year 2015.


Cloud Computing, being internet based, alleviates sharing of technological resources, both digital and software information. This emerging field operates on a pay-per-use model, assisting technology companies to minimize cost.


According to the study conducted by IDC, “A common misperception is that cloud computing is a job eliminator, but in truth, it will be a job creator, a major one.”


Job growth is expected to occur across continents and throughout multiple-sized organizations, since emerging markets, small businesses as well as cities are as accessible to cloud benefits as developed nations or large enterprises.


It has been estimated that in 2011, IT cloud services assisted businesses across the globe to generate revenues over USD 600 billion and 1.5 million new jobs. In the small and medium businesses, more than 50% of the 14 million jobs would be created. Moreover, over 2 million jobs each will be generated in the “communications and media” and manufacturing sectors, pursued by banking at more than 1.4 million. India is uniquely placed to gain advantage of this opportunity, if we say that cloud computing posed a convincing opportunity for governments and businesses around the world.


The study also indicated that countries having invested in major cloud infrastructure will experience higher job growth. The factors ascertaining the number of jobs that might be generated in a specific country consist of projected level of spending on IT, degree of workforce size, automation, and so on.


Revenues from cloud innovation are forecasted to reach USD 1.1 trillion per year by 2015. Integrated with cloud efficiencies, this will repel significant job growth and organizational reinvestment.


Microsoft has been offering services across a wide span of all three service layers encompassing the cloud, infrastructure, platform and software services.



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