Anyone can build a website BUT building a website that is fully integrated into a company’s marketing and branding program requires a blend of technical know-how, creativity and knowledge of what’s new and trending.  Our team comprises of some of the best creative minds and our vast experience enables us to create website designs that will help our clients stand out from the crowd.


Over the last decade, we’ve helped Fortune 500 companies and SME and brands like Samsung, Café Spice, Cheetos, GE Money, Colorbar, Reader’s Digest to carve out their creative ‘web’ niche.


One of our success stories is Café Spice – one of the best Indian specialty restaurants, recently in the news on Bloomberg BusinessWeek for their ambitious dream of making Chicken Tikka Masala as popular in the U.S. as KFC.


From bistro to big business, Café Spice has expanded throughout the east coast with a commanding presence in the food service industry. Their mission has always been, and continues to be, to provide authentic, high quality and unparalleled ethnic flare. Keeping these brand values in mind, ISHIR had the great pleasure of developing their first website, thus helping them establish their brand presence in the online world. We helped Café Spice to enhance its online business growth by creating its site visibility, thus, giving it the most significant and engaging brand experience.


It was great working with Sushil Malhotra of Café Spice, who is working to fulfill a dream he’s had for 40 years: To make his beloved Indian cuisine mainstream in the U.S.


We want to congratulate Café Spice and wish them all the very best for a fantastic and prosperous future.

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