The demand for smartphones and apps based on Google’s Android operating system is increasing rapidly with every passing day and its competitors have reason to worry.


According to a market research firm, Kantar, over a past few months, Android has dominated the U.S., European and Australian markets majorly. Not only this, Android’s popularity has also increased in countries like Russia and France over a period of time.


But the question that arises here is, ‘what is the reason behind Android’s success in such a short span of time?’ A consumer is always conscious of budget when he/she goes out in market to buy anything. Android, unlike Apple, has kept the latest technology in the hands of the consumers in an affordable price. Android’s diverse array of prices and phone models has made it quite appealing to a wide range of consumers and this is considered as a major reason for Android’s such huge popularity.


Many people in the industry believe that Android will only get bigger as it taps into the lower end of the market and attracts the large number of people who can’t afford the Apple devices – and this will probably mean that other phone systems have to fall. Though, majority of the market share that Android has taken has come from Apple, it has also chucked out the chances of Microsoft and Nokia to carve out a special place in the market of smartphones.


This increasing demand of Android is being met by the developers by hiring new programmers and by releasing updated versions of their software. These days, many mobile app development companies have forayed into developing innovative mobile apps for various mobile app platforms.


ISHIR is one such mobile application development company, which is into developing mobile apps for major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and many more. The mobile app development companies these days are focusing on developing unique and cost effective apps.

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