It is a well-known fact that Microsoft has recently announced to release a new SharePoint version called SharePoint 2013. According to the sources, the first commercial release of SharePoint 2013 is likely to happen in December 2012 and the first cumulative update is supposed to release in February 2013. The news has left many SharePoint end users in confusion regarding whether they should upgrade their SharePoint installation to the 2013 version and whether it is a better option for them.


To know whether SharePoint 2013 is really a better option for you, you need to keep some considerations in mind:


The current version of SharePoint that you are using

Before coming on any conclusion regarding whether SharePoint 2013 is a better option for you and whether you should migrate to this latest version, it is important to consider which SharePoint platform you are using currently. It is imperative to know that every different version of SharePoint has a different architecture for features available. When you decide to migrate to SharePoint 2013, you will have information about all the new features that are now available.


Also, it is important to keep in mind that SharePoint does not support SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013 migration. For people who still use SharePoint 2007 will have to use SharePoint migration tools like Sharegate to ease the transfer between platforms.


The updated features of SharePoint 2013

In this latest version of SharePoint, a lot of new features have been added including sharing, micro-blogging and communities. A lot of features for WCM (Web Content Management) and branding have also been added. With SharePoint 2013, now it is possible for you to change the look of your website quickly and easily. Not only this, with SharePoint 2013’s support for mobile devices, it is now possible for you to use smartphones and iPads to conduct daily activities easily.


In the conclusion, it would not be wrong to say that the new features in SharePoint 2013 makes it a better option than other SharePoint platforms and it might be worth the wait. However, to take a decision on whether you should migrate to this option, it is important for you to consider which platform are you using currently and what exactly is your requirement out of SharePoint.

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