A test long used in the world of web to make sites appealing or increase e-commerce sales has now started making its presence in the mobile app industry.


A/B testing is basically a procedure that allows you to test changes to your page against the current design. As the name implies, here, two versions, A and B are compared, wherein, version A is mostly the currently used version and version B is the modified one. This test is conducted with an aim to determine which version will get the best response from the visitors.


While A/B testing is a common practice for websites, the case is not the same with mobile apps. However, the efforts are being made by the industry experts to make A/B testing a common practice for mobile apps too.


Why A/B Test A Mobile App?


A/B testing is one of the most effective tools available to improve your business performance. Whether you are interested in more sign-ups, more engaged users, or more effective marketing, A/B testing helps you a great deal. It shows different variations of your application to users and then measures the effectiveness of each variation.

However, while it is easy to leverage the power of A/B testing on web products, on a mobile device that is a little tough, especially for apps which are native. If we particularly talk about iPhone, the process of A/B testing can be a slower iteration cycle because you have to push every test through the app store and wait for users to update. But the solutions to resolve these issues are being looked for by the industry experts.


Lastly, A/B testing can be an incredibly powerful tool in the mobile app industry to determine positive results from users. The wait is just for a solution from the industry experts to make this process of testing as effective as it is in the web world.

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