The quality of your website landing page is one of the most important factors that show whether you are able to convert your visitors into prospective customers. Once a visitor clicks a link or an Internet ad, they are showing trust in you that you will deliver the best quality information on the landing page.


However, if your landing page fails to climb up to your visitors’ expectations, you are at the risk of losing that visitor to another information source or may be your competitor. Thus, it is important that you optimize your landing page well to be able to sell a product or gain subscription to a service.


There are number of aspects that you can look into to make the landing page works best for you. Nevertheless, following highlights some of the best practices to optimize the landing pages for better conversions.


Using Less Graphic Design Elements

Try and use less graphic elements in your landing page so as to avoid any cluttering. Keep your landing page simple but professional looking. This will allow your visitors to have a much pleasant browsing experience within your site.


Focusing on Content

The most important aspect of landing page optimization is the landing page content. The good quality content has the ability to grab your visitor’s attention immediately. Thus, your content should be such, which is concise and naturally flowing. It must have the ability to keep readers stay focused and interested at what they are reading until they finally reach where you want them to be.


Landing Page URL

The landing page URL is one of the most important elements of on-page SEO. It not only conveys the site structure but also helps in communicating a lot more information to search engines about the content on the page. To create an effective landing page URL:

  • Keep your URLs short
  • Make use of slashes to separate concepts and phrases
  • Put more relevant keywords to the left


Keeping Minimal Links on the Page

Remember, your goal with the landing page is to get as many as visitors to click on one of the most important links you have got. Thus, it is important that you always keep the number of links on the page to be minimal.


Avoiding Flash Intro Page

Though a flash intro page might look amazing, it rarely provides the conversion you are looking for. The reason being, the everyday web surfers have short attention span and want control over whatever they see. Flash animation takes away that control. Also, flash animation increases page load times, which enables visitors to opt-off your site altogether.


Landing pages are an important component that should be in every web marketer’s toolbox. Try out the practices outlined above to create landing pages for your visitors. By optimizing landing pages, you will not only increase the effectiveness of your web marketing dollars, but you will gain unique and valuable insights into what persuades your visitors to take action.

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