The internet is becoming more and more popular than ever before as a source for information, products and services. Thus, ensuring your website is always available to your audience should be a high priority. While website optimization is an important part to accomplish this objective, search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential practice to properly optimize your site. SEO will allow you to position your website properly to be found at significant points when people need your site.


However, what can be the perfect way of optimizing your site that not only pleases your visitors and customers but also the search engines? More important how can SEO help your web presence to be more lucrative? To answer these questions, given below are some basic SEO essentials that you must keep in mind while optimizing your website.


Knowing What Search Engines Want

Remember the main job of every search engine is to provide the best user experience by referring users to the sites, which contain content that is most relevant according to the requirement of users. But how is the relevancy determined? There are certain parameters for it, such as the quality of the content that you are the posting, the performance of your site in terms of speed and structure, and the overall look of your site for a better user experience.


Knowing What Search Engines Don’t Want

You should know that the main aim of SEO is not to trick the search engines but to create a great user experience. Therefore, if you will try performing any tactics with search engines the chances are you will hurt your business in the future. So always avoid activities that can lead to poor user experience, and tactics like keyword stuffing and purchased links.


Optimizing For Different Channels

While working on your keyword strategy it is important that you not only implement it on-site but on various off-site platforms too. This is the reason why optimizing for more than one channel is required. The various platforms where multi-channel optimization can be implemented include, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and offline channels, such as, radio and TV ads.


Focusing on Domain Names

Domain names are highly important to the overall foundation of SEO, so as a best practice you are better off using sub-directory root domains versus sub-domains. Also, make sure that you are consistent with your domains as it can lead to the dilution of your inbound links, thereby, making your overall SEO efforts ineffective.


Optimizing For Different Platforms

With more and more users accessing internet on mobile phones, do not forget to optimize your site for mobile experience as well. Creating rich media content like videos is a good way of mobile optimization.


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