Watch out all the webmasters, Google Penguin 2.0 Update is here. There had been a lot of discussions recently, after Matt Cutt’s announcement about the Penguin 2.0. And now with the update being rolled out, there is a clear danger for all those websites which are promoting web spam.


The Penguin 2.0, a large algorithmic update promising to go “deeper” than the 2012 Penguin release, is nothing less than a night mare for all the webmasters.

In Cutt’s blog he mentioned, “The rollout is now complete and affects 2.3 percent of English-U.S. queries, and that it affects non-English queries as well”. He also outlined that the new Penguin is specifically going to target black hat spam.


To add, Google has also created a special spam report form, where one can report about spam sites.

What it holds for SEO?
Penguin has surely made all the people in SEO business sleepless. But here are certain simple rules, which can help you conquer the world:

  • Build a great website.
  • Publish unique and high quality content.


Other than these, there are certain other practices that need to be done every month to achieve real SEO:


Content Marketing: Content still remains the keyword for winning the SEO battle. In true sense, there cannot be anything more powerful than high quality content. Earn recognition, social spread and backlinks by giving away valuable information for free.


Brand Mentions: Leveraging your brand is another great way of sending legitimacy signal to Google. But one should always remember the fine line that exists. Over doing anything could have adverse effects.


Target Audience Interest – High priority: Keeping an eye on your target audience needs is the key for all successful businesses. In SEO, you must understand what the audience is seeking. Make sure, you are effectively doing the keyword research, with special focus on long-tail keywords, as it helps your website in longer run.


Syndication: Content syndication is another way to push off those Penguin 2.0 effects. No matter how well written the content is it all goes in vain if it is not adequately promoted. Social Media, Email Marketing, Forum postings, guest blogging are few of the tricks to promote your content.


The Final Word:
The arrival of Penguin 2013 has left many small business owners scared and confused. But by leveraging the above stated practices, a webmaster can surely overcome the dreaded results. With that said, the forward-looking webmasters should gear up their websites for numerous future versions of Penguin, with well-researched and end-user focused content marketing strategies.

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