Brands are struggling to overcome the fear of “loss of control” that comes with proactive customer service on social media channels and enjoy its core benefits.  In order to have happy customers, positive brand awareness will need to be established by having ongoing and authentic two way conversations.

  • Respond immediately to customer complaints or issues on social media channels—and follow up.  Do involve product development, marketing, legal, wherever needed HR within your organization in the loop.
  • Work with marketing, communications, customer service, human resources, and other functions to establish consistent messages with customers
  • Manage team and department roles in customer service efforts
  • Take a conversation with a customer offline whenever necessary
  • Interact with customers one on one during a brand reputation crisis
  • Establish metrics to gauge average response time to customer complaints and overall positive sentiment
  • Present data to senior leaders showing the effectiveness of customer service on social media channels


ISHIR Social Media teams offers reputation management services to assist brands to manage customers’ complaints and issues online.   Having made the leap in dealing with customer service issues on social media channels using best practices ISHIR has been able to make a difference in how brands are leveraging social media internal and external to the organization.  ISHIR can assist brands from the front lines of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Yelp and others build a positive reputation and trust with their customers.

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