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General August 29, 2022 Last Updated: August 30, 2022

Our definition of being innovative is providing the right value to the customer.
With only a few months down to 2022 ending, the ISHIR team is beyond happy to be recognized by some of the prestigious clients for sharing wonderful reviews on the B2B platform Clutch.

At ISHIR, we assist our clients to achieve their business objectives by successfully outsourcing their non-core business processes and functions in the areas of technology and digital marketing. Brands across the globe tap into our experience and expertise to deliver solutions for their complex challenges. On top of that, we firmly believe that there are pertinent two ways to deliver a successful project: deploying the right skill on the project and the second, by deploying the right project management practices. Managing projects with the right tools and methodologies are crucial for their success.

Over the years we’ve worked with countless clients for various projects, and created meaningful and personalized user experiences that left an impact and built loyalty. Similarly, like the previous years, ISHIR is delighted to share two new clutch reviews.

The first particular client is a B2B marketing agency that contacted ISHIR for a technical web programmer to assist their issues periodically. Considering ISHIR’s premier staffing abilities we were able to provide the most skilled and relevant candidate to propel the progress of the project.

Here are a few insights from the client’s review:

Clutch review - Technical Web Support ISHIR

We truly appreciate our clients for their continued support and feedback. The agency gave us a perfect five stars for the project’s quality, schedule, cost, and willingness to refer us. We are thrilled to know how pleased they were with our collaboration with them.

You can read the full review here:

For context, Clutch, being an independent B2B research, rating, and reviews website. The website helps clients discover genuine IT and marketing service providers. The platform’s evaluation encompasses over a number of quantitative and qualitative factors, including client reviews, company experience, client list, industry recognition, and market presence. Hence, getting a review on Clutch is truly indispensable as would be an added advantage to ISHIR’s services to clients

Another client who showered another perfect 5 star review is for a custom software development project. The client is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1995. It is one of the largest independent Leagues in the USA, the largest in Texas. The organization’s mission is to provide young athletes with opportunities to compete and win at some of the highest levels of youth football and cheer in an environment free from discrimination and prepare the athletes for lifelong contributions to society; to embrace equality, academic achievement and diversity through competition of sport.

Read the complete case study here: Intuitive Web Application for connecting athletes and unifying Football | Case Study

ISHIR successfully built a robust web application that has allowed the client to shift into paperless processes. The ISHIR team was able to deliver the project within the decided timeframe and maintenance support was available around the clock. The application truly helps the client in achieving the goal of providing a medium for stimulating Football and Cheer in the State of Texas.

Here’s what the client thought about our partnership so far:

Clients Review on Clutch - ISHIR

To learn more about the specifics of this project, check out the full review on our clutch profile. Also, we’re considered as one of the leading Leading Service Providers in Texas for 2022:


Also our digital marketing business called Digital Success earned the similar feedback:

Digital Success has been handling SEO for this marketing company for the last five years. They are involved in growing backlinks and providing SEO research. The client really appreciated the dedication and thoroughness of the DS team for the SEO services.
The communication between the client and team was extremely smooth and team promptly provided answers and results.

Clutch SEO Review - Digital Success

We believe in making customer experience at the center of our organization. For us CX has gone beyond just customer service; it encompasses everything how customers perceive their interactions within the organization. We believe in making the experience connected, personalized, and seamless.

One of our core key values is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.

Two other satisfied clients showered their appreciation for the DS Team

“Digital success team was in charge of SEO, web development, and content marketing. We are satisfied with our Google ranking, and glad to see the growth. For communication, DS team conveniently uses Basecamp. Monthly we have a call to discuss the monthly report and what can be done to improve it.”

Clutch Review - Digital Success

Digital Success Team was hired by the medical technology company for their digital marketing services. The team managed SEO campaigns, web development, and content marketing campaigns for the client.

For Toroidal Power Solutions Company, another client,Digital Success provided SEO services to increase the number of the client’s qualified leads. The team is responsible for keyword research, backlinking, and blog posting.

Here’s the snippet of the client’s review:

“Well, we are way more happier than expected as the results are quite desirable and we are able to curate the potential leads. Earlier too we did have the traffic, but it was very limited, since we took the service of DigitalSuccess, in limited span we could see the quite astounding growth. Now, we are converting more leads and we have better presentation on the web.”

SEO review on Clutch - Digital Success

We’re grateful to our clients for providing their valuable feedback to Clutch. As a result, the team at ISHIR continues to be recognized for the efficiency and high-quality services we provide.

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