Google AdWords is considered as one of the prestigious platforms for advertisers to promote their products/services. Reason being, almost every one of us search on Google regarding any information/product/service we’re looking for. Well, that being said. Enjoy the awesome stats and feel free to share it, if you like it. Here are some of the interesting facts about AdWords which you might not know:

1. Google is a free search engine which charges absolutely nothing from its users. Then how come they are able to sustain for so long? Answer is simple, 97% of their annual revenue comes from advertising only, which includes advertising on its SERP, partnered engines and partnered display network.

2. On an average, every business earns as high as 100% of their investment in AdWords through conversions from paid advertising. In more simple words, for every dollar spent, businesses earn as high as $2 from the converted click.

3. Amazon, a giant ecommerce platform in consumer as well as high end products, spent an estimated $55.1 million on its advertising on Google in 2011. (Yeah that’s a big buck spent) And, if #2 is considered to be true, it must have earned more than $100 million in the same year.


4. Finance and Insurance are some of the most expensive keywords with Avg. CPC as high as $58.

5. Display advertising serves more into branding of a product/service offering organization. Prospects shown with display banner of an organization are 155% more likely to search for brand-specific terms.


6. Google display network campaigns reach 80% of global internet users. So be it USA or Africa, you can always increase your brand awareness using Google’s display network and increase the likelihood to stamp your brand name in your prospect’s psyche by 155%

7. Avg. CTR on a display ad in Google display network is 0.4%, almost 10 times as high as a Facebook ad.


8. For each 100 clients, among the list of top 1000 clients of Google, 99 are using display network & YouTube for improving the fruitfulness of their Paid advertising efforts.


9. 7.94% is the Golden-ratio for Google paid advertising. Avg. CTR for first positioned ad is 7.94%


10. Almost half of the internet users (45.5% to be more accurate) cannot differentiate between a paid listing and organic listing. So even your organic listing are nowhere in top 10 results, you can always grab an eye of your prospect by running paid campaigns on Google.



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