OneNote has always been loved by people, being it a delightful app for taking notes, maintaining lists, and more. However, it always had to be paid for before adding it to your PC, and was not available for Mac. But not anymore!


Microsoft, with an objective to fill all the previous gaps, has released a major overhaul of OneNote on March 17- OneNote is now available for Mac and that too for absolutely free. However, a total of three major developments have been taken in this area:


OneNote Now Available for Mac: As a huge step forward, Microsoft has now made OneNote available for Mac for the first time and for free. And so, OneNote is now available on almost all the major platforms you can think of, including PC, Mac, Windows tablets, Windows Phone, and the list continues.


OneNote Now Free for both, Windows and Mac: With an objective to make the awesome experience of OneNote available to everybody, OneNote has now been made free everywhere including the Windows PC desktop and Mac version. However, its premium features are still available to paid customers only.


Cloud API Now Available in the OneNote Service: The availability of cloud API in the OneNote service is a big step forward, enabling any application to connect to it. This makes it a lot easier to capture ideas and information from many different applications into OneNote.

But more than that, now that OneNote is free, Microsoft has also added a bunch of cool new features to it. Let’s have a look at some of them:


OneNote Clipper: With the cool new OneNote Clipper, it is now possible for you to capture any webpage in just one click. The feature is available mainly for browsers- Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Mac Safari.


OneNote Email: You can easily send an email to and Microsoft will automatically save it into your OneNote Quick Notes.


Office Lens: This new Windows Phone app almost works like a scanner, where you can easily take a picture of a whiteboard, document, or anything else, and Office Lens will enhance the image, put it into your OneNote Quick Notes, and will automatically recognize the text so you can search for your scans.


Partner Apps and Devices: Microsoft has been working with several key partners with an aim to provide OneNote compatibility. These include several great apps and devices, including Brother, Doxie Go, Epson, Feedly, Genius Scan, IFTTT, JotNot, Livescribe, Mod Notebook, News360 and Weave. You can check them all out at



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