Ten years ago, people used traditional phones for dialing and texts simply for sending messages to people.

Nowadays, smartphones have has taken over, and people rely on their phones, not only to speak, but also to browse, shop and find information on the internet. In brief, the “mobile phone” now plays the role of a multifunctional device in modern day life. Today people have little patience when using their phone to get data, as compared to users on desktops. People desire the correct information fast, and easy. It is this reason why business owners must look to create a friendly user experience for visitors that come to their sites through their mobile devices.

Know your visitor –

* Audience – the youth have always been early adopters to technology, quickly absorbing and adopting new technology. They learn new things instantly and are excited for the upcoming tech trends. Whereas, elders are much comfortable with easy-to-use infrastructure and unwilling to change their habit.


* User Experience- the website used for business and customers are diverse. The basic components for designing a mobile website for business used can lead to create a low cost, efficient, and stabilize framework. For customers, in order to attract more impression so as to increase conversion rate fascinate design, well directory and easy to adopt are fundamental elements.


* Functionalities- different business should have various types of design to suit each of the customers’ needs. For instant, a bank company mainly serves users who are return customers. The landing page are created for the purposes of having users to check account status, transfer money, or retrieve bank statements. A searching websites are used by the people who want to find their data right to the point instantly. For search site, it is often seen a search box placing on the top of the landing page.


* Revolution- there are wide range of screen size for people to pick on. In order to balance the handy mobile web browse experience and the information which the company wants to deliver, the company should decide what should be display when the viewer’s first enter to the landing page.

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