Social Media Tricks To Enhance Your Business



After Google’s recent Guest Blogging Penalty, it is quite clear that Guest Blogging no more exists in the link building strategy.  So does this mean off-page is dead now? Obviously not, but yes it has become very difficult to make your link building strategy work. So this is the right time to make a new strategy which can work better for your business. There still exists many ways which you can use to boost your traffic and increase branding and one of them is Social Media marketing. It can help you getting back into the limelight with increased number of visitors on your website. Here are some social media tricks which can help boost your business:


  • Be updated and know the latest trend: To attract more visitors on your website your posts should be updated and trendy, so that your audience should check your feeds on social media and visit your website for more details.  You should keep a check on your posts which are doing well, keywords which are attracting more attention, people who are following you and also what more you can do to attract more visitors.


  • Use images, videos and infographics whenever you can: These days’ people attract more with images, videos and infographics. You can say the language of social media is changing with the passage of time. These resources have proved already that they have much more ability to engage more and more visitors or viewers. Pinterest is the best example; it has generated excellent engagement of visitors by using these three resources only.


  • Gain more followers:  Reach out the audience by making friends, gaining more followers and subscribers is the result of your social media engagement and also how you present your business online. If your followers are not growing after your marketing efforts you should re-consider your strategy and change it if required. Try to implement something new that can engage more people.


  • Embrace the change: Whenever the social media guidelines change you have to either adapt those changes or give up. In my opinion, it is better to adapt the changes so that you can give yourself an opportunity to fill the space left by those who opt to give up.  For example: LinkedIn adds a feature to “block or report the profiles”.


There are many more tricks that can build more followers, subscribers and finally increase traffic of your website. You just need to re-evaluate your strategies on regular basis and try to explore new ways to extract better results from your social media marketing.




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