Getting a visitor on your blog is totally different than making him stay there and hit the Subscribe or Bookmark button with a thought of returning back again. This has been one of the most challenging tasks especially when you’re already posting a great useful content on your blog on regular basis. Yeah, I know, you must have heard of the famous “Content is King” phrase all over the time. But talking of your visitors, this phrase is of not much use unless you’re paying attention to one of the other most important blog elements which is, of course, the blending of graphics -with the text part of your posts.


Usage of relevant, attractive and informative images is certainly the most important key to a blog’s success.  Talking of myself, I too feel biased towards a blog with some great mix-up of images and content, than a blog covering great, but plain text only.


However, getting new and relevant images for each blog post you publish on your blog is one of the most daunting tasks for a blog owner, especially if the blog is updated on a day to day basis. You simply cannot just make a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo to grab an image available on the net as it can lead you to a legal problem for violation of Copyright Act. Though there are many sites which offer paid photos, yet it certainly doesn’t seem a highly reliable solution especially if you’re a small blogger and is not making much out of it. The other option can be to get a camera and start shooting yourself. However, this is also not a thing of every blogger as not everyone has traits of a quality photographer.

 Websites for Royalty Free Images


So in this post, I am going to suggest you one mid-way solution that can solve both of your problems – being, getting images for your posts without the fear of any legal copyright issues, by providing you here some good sites offering royalty free images that can be used without spending a penny. However, you must see the license terms before using the images as some sites may offer paid and free images together. You can simply use any royalty-free images from the sites listed below with simply attributing the work.



So, register on these sites today to experience the power of graphics in blogging. However, as I said above, make sure to have a look at the license terms of the websites shared here, before actually making the use of an image, to avoid violation of any legal terms. Please recommend any other websites that you have used but are not on the list here, to help your peer bloggers.


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