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ISHIR’s diversified IT services have been a source of pride since our inception in 1999, enabling clients to surpass business objectives through a dependable outsourced solution. Ingrained in this success lie our core values: transparency, accountability, relationship-building, and continuous learning, to name a few. Building on this track, we have decided to form a partnership with an organization who shares these same values – Clutch, a market research firm based in Washington, D.C.

Clutch harbors positive business relationships, striving for the clarity and quality assurance of over 7,000 companies featured on their platform. With a base of over 11,000 client reviews, they provide comprehensive and unbiased information on companies spanning 500+ different service categories. Clutch is able to separate firms that deliver from those that do not; assessing them on a dozen different factors, such as work experience, clientele, and market presence. As a result, their verified client reviews are supplanted by this Leaders Matrix Methodology that evaluated a company’s true image and performance.


Evaluating ISHIR’s ability to deliver across all of our service offerings, from development to back office services, Clutch has begun conducting reference interviews with some of our clients. In our review, ISHIR completed numerous ASP.NET application projects to help an IT services firm run several business processes:


“They provide generally good work at a good price over a long period of time – that adds up. If you want something built, they’ll build it. They’ve had a positive impact on our business, definitely. We keep going back to them.”

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Through the aid of Clutch, buyers will attain a clearer view of ISHIR’s business practices, knowing we deliver and perform great work for our clients. We hope to utilize these channels of feedback to grow our organization and stand by our core values of transparency and honesty. Moving forward, we are excited to display our company in a true light and understand where we can develop our processes further.

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