It feels like 20 years ago all over again when I used to read about Microsoft antitrust hearings in the newspaper. The recent news is that Microsoft is the most despised software company. This is according to research from Amplicate, a company that tracks what people say online. We were skeptical so we Binged the company and it seems legit. Then to be fair I used Google and got similar results. 😉

Amplicate gives Microsoft a “70 percent hate score,” meaning that the large majority of people that have posted on its Web site have bad things to say about the cost and stability of Microsoft Software and tools. Microsoft also received more comments (good and bad) than any other software vendor on Amplicate’s list.
We have an explanation: First, Microsoft is not perfect and does not produce the perfectly bug free products. We fight its software all too often being a Microsoft Gold Partner ourselves. Microsoft is both a target for hackers (because it is so ubiquitous) and a punching bag for millions of customers that depend on Windows, Office, etc.

By the way, Oracle claimed a 78 percent level of hate. Ouch Larry, you aren’t any better.


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