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Almost everybody seems to be talking about Big Data. Every Enterprise today wants to use their data better.

The idea may seem simple – information from a number of sources (that includes unstructured and streaming data, and data generated from IoT devices can be analyzed in the cloud. Further, if the data analysis can be used to uncover a market pattern, and transformed into actionable insights. Something that can give any Enterprise a competitive advantage over others.

Big Data Experts

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Besides other industries, there are top 10 industries that Big Data will disrupt in a big way – These include Banking, Infrastructure, Retail, Real Estate, Legal, Insurance, Agriculture, Energy, Transport, and Telecommunications. That hardly leaves any industry. As an industry, we have understood how data can be compiled. The problem remains with using, analyzing, and presenting data. Let’s take a look at some of the Big Data trends that we should keep ourselves braced for.

More focus on predictive analysis

Big Data is all about data. That is something that we already know. Now that we have collected all this data, we need to focus on analytics. Enterprises should be able to use the data that they have collected over the past years to represent their performance and also provide predictive analytics.

In the competitive and dynamic business world of today, it is all the more critical to remain prepared for future trends and technologies. Therefore, Big Data can go a long way in helping enterprises to make informed decisions. For example, the best hotel deals for a couple who just booked their flight for the summer holidays.

You can improve fraud detection, minimize risk exposure and improve operational excellence with predictive analysis.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

You can’t ignore AI and Deep Learning when you’re talking about Big Data. AI is driven with the help of Big Data. Deep Learning is a part of Machine Learning that can create artificial neural networks to help figure out patterns in Big Data.

Hadoop Solutions

Of course Big Data has grown beyond Hadoop. But if you have access to Hadoop professionals, you can build the simplicity and flexibility of Windows solutions to Hadoop. A Hadoop cluster can be deployed on Windows Azure, and this will help to accelerate setup in the Cloud.

Focus on Cloud-based Analytics

If you move your data analytics in the cloud, you can help improve the adoption of the most updated functionalities and turn them to your advantage. You can even save on costs if you move data analytics to the cloud.

Big Data as-a-self-service

Enterprises have started to realize that they can actually leverage the mountain of data that they have collected over the past years. One of the services that they can offer to their clients is access to their proprietary data in the form of Big Data as-a-self-service. The insights derived from the business can be used to drive more meaningful actions.

Each year more and more data is being generated and Enterprises are worried to maintain its value and quality. The success of big data depends on data integrity and that can be provided only with the help of an expert.

Big data is about explosion. There are terabytes (or trillions of bytes) of data that most of the Enterprises are sitting over without realizing that they may have data that is doubling every 6 months. It’s a flood of data that just continues as Enterprises should fast learn to leverage from it.

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