Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity not only to reconvene with family and friends, and sit back and relax on your favorite couch sipping into your most loved drink. But as I sit back, I also introspect and reflect on all the reasons that I should be thankful for. There are many. Even as a business, I feel grateful for every little thing.

ISHIR Thanksgiving Letter

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Yes, Thanksgiving is a time to binge and indulge, but besides the festivities, I always like to think of everything that there is a reason to be thankful for. This Thanksgiving, ISHIR is thankful for all the complex and exciting new challenges on our projects, we are grateful for all the new technologies and the hype around them, competitors who give us reason to thrive, and our people who sacrifice their family time to go the extra mile to ensure timely and high-quality deliverables, and our clients who trust us year after year.

  1. Complex and exciting new challenges

We treat new challenges as hidden opportunities. If there are complex project issues and difficult problems on our projects that are waiting a solution, we are challenged to think and look for solutions. This is exactly what pushes us to be innovative and think ‘out-of-the-box’. Status quo bothers us. We don’t want to continue doing what we do best and keep on working on solving new problems.

Software bugs are another opportunity to learn something new. Now, does that sound weird? Of course, we don’t like bugs but can we have our perfect code sans them? Rather than our clients uncovering them, we are thankful for every bug that we can find in our code and the opportunity we get to solve it.

  1. New technologies and all the noise around it

If there are new technologies, we see that as an opportunity to learn. IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Voice-based interfaces, and advanced cybersecurity. We are grateful for the constant changes in technologies as it helps us to keep learning and give a competitive advantage even to our clients. It’s not easy to decipher what is of real value from all the noise around everything new but that is where our research helps us. There are a lot of businesses that deem research to be a wasteful investment in noise but we see that as an opportunity to learn and innovate.

  1. Our Competitors

Our competitors help us to constantly think ahead and stay ahead of the curve. We, of course, like to constantly learn and explore new ways of doing things. But at times when we get lazy, our competitors don’t let us be in that state. To stay ahead of the curve, our competitors motivate us to think better and deliver superior services to our clients.

  1. Our people who sacrifice their family time for work

ISHIR tremendously values work-life balance but, at times, our people must sacrifice their family time or sleep for important client deliverables. We are grateful to our people and their families for sacrificing personal time for work. We are grateful for the passion and zeal that people bring to work every single day to help us ensure that we truly deliver excellence.

  1. Clients

Our clients are the reason that we are in business, and we are of course always thankful to them. We also wish to thank all our clients who give us new and difficult challenges to work upon, ask tough questions, and expect a lot from us- we love them all as they help us up our game a notch higher. We truly appreciate our clients who tell us our faults and drawbacks, and give us an opportunity to work upon them.

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