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As per IDC’s 2018 IT predictions, it is expected that by 2020, 30 billion devices will be connected around the globe. It implies that Internet of Things (IoT) will capture the attention of every industry and touch every aspect of our lives. Sensor data from IoT will be able to connect information from a variety of devices and systems. New expectations are setting in every domain and industry for a seamless purchasing experience and easy access to information.

IoT is profoundly changing the way we live our lives (and the way we work). For example, you’re running late for a meeting and don’t have the time to inform the person you’re meeting that you’ll be late for the meeting. Your car will be able to send a notification of your delay. There are 12 billion smart devices connected across the globe and this is just the beginning. Even small businesses are interested to invest in disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing and, of course, Internet of Things (IoT) to change the way their have a relationship with customers, partners and employees.


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What is IoT?

Over the years, the internet has grown. It has grown not only in terms of the number of users but also its expectation of connecting more and more devices to the Internet. With IoT, the connectivity of devices is going beyond just laptops, smartphones and tablets. Embedded technology in the everyday devices is used to communicate with the external environment. The internetworking of the physical devices allows them to collect, interact and exchange data.

So of course, these smart and intelligent ‘things’ are creeping into your professional lives, homes and even social settings. Washing machines, door locks, toys, vacuum cleaners…well the devices that are getting smarter are just unbelievably increasing. There is a mountain of benefits that IoT can bring for the consumers. For example, increased energy efficiency, improved security, greater customer experience and better product quality. There are high expectations from IoT specifically in the healthcare industry where a lot of innovation and patient support is expected from it.

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Smart cities on the rise

Internet of Things is not only limited to the consumer industry. Companies and even cities are trying to become smarter and save on resources like time and money with the smart technologies. Smart cities will have video camera surveillance systems, bike and taxi rental system and visitor kiosks that will be able to collect data about different key aspects of a city.

Smart cities have smart infrastructure and able to deliver clean water, safe gas, public lighting and efficient energy saving ways.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the thing

As IoT will creep into our lives, everything around us will start collecting data. Like your lighting system, coffee maker and home hubs will become smart enough to collect data regarding your behaviors and habits. If you’ve been already using voice-controlled devices, you know that even those are collecting data and recording it in the cloud. The data is fed into machine learning, which can learn without the need of programming. The devices learn everything about the user with the help of machine learning, a type of machine learning.

Routers will provide enhanced security

Security has been a concern for IoT devices. It continues to remain a concern. Smart devices do not come with security software installed on them. Manufacturers are keen to have their IoT devices out in the market before their competitors and in the rush, they often disregard security. Routers can provide security to these devices at the entry point itself as these can be installed with security software. IoT devices are still exposed to threats and malware. No one has been able to forget the big and ugly DDoS attack in October 2016. Famous websites and services were brought down to their knees due to the major attack.

Security of IoT devices is expected to get smarter as the hackers and their ways to target IoT devices will grow.

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