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We just don’t hire employees but people who believe in our what we believe. ISHIR truly values a conducive company culture where we nurture talent and passion, and most importantly we look after our people. So that we have the A+ team to help further that objective, we have a rigorous recruitment process to ensure we have people who can grow with us and maintain a long-standing relation.

Here are some interesting bytes from our leaders.

Rishi Khanna, CEO

As the founder and CEO of ISHIR, I feel that our people define the success of our company. The simplest answer to how to hire A+ players is simple; hire them when you don’t need them and invest the time upfront to get the best.

With our hiring process, we make the time to ensure we have a true balanced understanding of who we’re bringing on-board and whether they fit our company culture. All too often managers, supervisors, directors, etc., will hire the person who checks off the most boxes and they are usually hire them out of urgency of having someone in the team. It is with my experience, that a person can check off these boxes and then some in the first meeting, but one can only learn more about them by meeting them in different settings and meeting them on different dates.  Also meeting them in a group interview setting especially with other candidates in the room, truly tells you how they would behave in the work environment.  By this one can uncover their personality, management style, potentially how they will behave in a team environment.  We will be able to see if their attitude mirrors the attitude of our long-time and trusted employees. We are also big on doing reference checks and speaking with their previous supervisor to learn about them.  By taking the time to invest into a quality candidate, we are in turn investing in our company’s culture. At ISHIR, we are the best simply because we take the time to find and hire the best.

Chetan Saxena, COO

The claim that we hire top 5% talent sounds tall, but the reality is when we look at our recruitment funnel vis a vis the selection ratio. We believe that we’re stubborn about getting who we want. While we look for skilled people in their respective domain, but we are equally concerned about their attitude and cultural fitment. It certainly adds a lot of hard work for the HR in the age when attrition is high and finding the right candidate seems tougher compared to finding a perfect Wi-Fi. Cultural fitment and personality assessment conversations with candidates are conducted at a smooth pace while the technical rounds are rapid fire. We, sometimes, ensure that we disrupt the pace by asking off topic questions to evaluate the interviewees’ presence of mind and confidence.

Harnessing and retaining such a talent is difficult, as these are passionate people who constantly need challenges and they put their managers and sales engines on their toes. By focusing on emerging technologies and smarter solutions, we at ISHIR always have something interesting for our talent pool all the time.

Shilpi Suri, HR Manager

Hiring the best is a challenge but once we’re able to have the right people onboard, they adapt to ISHIR’s challenge within no time owing to our cool culture.

Our recruitment process includes telephonic/skype interviews, written tests – technical & non-technical and face to face interviews.

Nothing new there.

Here’s the twist – We conduct personality tests, which has lots of open ended questions to uncover candidate’s thought process, his or her value system, personality traits etc. The insights from this test really help us to shape our decisions from a culture perspective. For us, individual’s value and beliefs hold much importance compared to just the technical skills. We have lot of times rejected talented candidates who did not fit well culturally.

There is a lot of weightage on communication skills also. This is important as all our customers are based internationally and a person who can articulate and understand the customer needs better will be more productive.

At ISHIR, we ensure that the right people stay with us for long with a thorough succession planning. We prefer our existing employees to earn leadership roles. Our leadership team provides the necessary mentoring and help in enrolling the required external courses for professional development and requisite growth.

Umesh Chandra, Practice Lead – Digital

We diligently work on creating customized, clear and detailed job description for each requirement so that there are no ambiguities. For each of the roles, we have a predefined panel of interviewers who conduct different round of assessment. Most of our candidates are referred by existing employees so they already know a lot about the company culture. One of our key focus areas is to judge their fitment to our culture and client expectations.

We don’t abandon our peoples’ dreams once hired. They are trained on different technologies; emerging technologies and we have weekly knowledge sessions to discuss best practices and latest trends changing the future for our clients and the way we work.

Do you wish to be a part of our A+ team?


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