Is it true that a ready-made solution is not a long-term solution?

Well, perhaps.

The competition is high and getting tougher every year. In 2023 it is assumed that every business will have atleast two competitors. The business requirements are getting complex and consumers are changing. Every business is different, and hence has business requirements that are different. It implies that a customized software solution is best suited to meet these unique requirements. Hence, getting a customized software solution developed makes complete sense.

In our blog “Do you need custom software? Here’s how you can quickly check”, we discussed ways you can check if you will need a custom software build in 2023.

Custom-made software can be fully adapted to meet client needs as compared to a packaged software, which is an acquired off-the-shelf software and offers the same features to all. Packaged software, in ways more than one, falls short of fulfilling the business requirements of the clients.

Custom software development 2023 - ISHIR

It is possible to tweak the packed software with several features, but it can fulfill only a small requirement. There are startups, small and mid-sized businesses and large companies who rely on customized software to manage several functions for the organizations.

A changed world

Organizations are dealing with challenges each day, faced with new and emerging technologies and increasing competition.  In addition, consumers are shifting their mindsets so frequently. It gets critical to build a custom software to tailor custom software as per evolving business strategies and requirements in 2023.

If you get a customized software solution developed, you can be assured of getting a solution that works as per your specific requirements and preferences. There are large companies which use customized software development for almost all their processes like HRM, content management, inventory management and CRM. Some of them even use customized software development to ensure that their existing software packages can meet their business requirements.

Checklist to evaluate if you will need custom software in 2023

Organizations can ask themselves the following questions to know if custom software is right for their requirements or not.

  • Does the organization need changes to any of their processes?
  • Will outdated applications be replaced?
  • Is business growth a part of the near-future plan?
  • Are multiple pieces of software employed to complete a single process?
  • Are there tools needed that can integrate with other systems?
  • Does your organization have a set of their own processes?
  • What are the potential benefits expected from software?
  • Is ease of use one of the objectives of the software being developed?
  • Are the employees, customers and vendors facing issues with using the current software?
  • Do you wish to communicate better with your customers?

If the answer to the above questions was mostly yes, you need a custom software for your organization.

The typical phases in a custom software development includes Research and Planning, Project Leadership and Oversight, UI/UX Design, Software Development and Technical Support and Maintenance.

Why custom software?

With the help of a customized software development project, you can uncover flaws in your existing processes and systems. There’s a huge demand for software solutions in all domains and industries. If you partner with a trusted offshore software development company, they can use even several development tools to build intuitive software apps to meet the specific requirements of their client’s organization. There’s a huge myth related to spending more with customized software development compared to off-the-shelf software solutions. If done effectively, solid foundation for company requirements, and careful considerations custom software package. Some of the benefits that custom software can offer are listed below:

  • The organization can get a high-quality software that fits in well and works seamlessly with the organizations’ systems. Something that is built from scratch can work for the day-to-day processes, work intuitively and seamlessly
  • Customized software can integrate multiple processes that are already working well in your organization
  • Changes in the app use, changes, updates and extra modules can be done easily
  • A packaged software solution may fit the business requirements for once but may not fit the requirements as the business grows or requirements change. Organizations grow, only customized software solution can grow with it.
  • Custom software is cost-effective in the long run. Off-the-shelf software might require constant updates, tweaks and changes to accommodate the business requirements. In the long run, custom software is cost-effective
  • It is much easier to maintain a software that has been custom built. The team is familiar with app development process and the solution inside-out
  • Custom software offers more security as the hackers are not familiar with a software that’s been built from scratch
  • Custom software does not eschew the inherent restrictions of the existing tools
  • Custom software gives an opportunity to build and deploy the way it is conceived
  • It reduces risks with enhanced data encryption and security measures

ISHIR, your trusted custom software development partner

Besides the ones listed above, there are several advantages of agile custom software development that prove it better than off-the-shelf ones to address specific project requirements. If you have business requirements that are specific and cannot be addressed with off-the-shelf software, you can speak to one of our experts.


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