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When you’ve done Search Engine Optimization long enough, you know that strategies are always changing to adapt the latest search engine algorithm. Sites like Google and Bing are constantly changing their ways of ranking sites on search results to give users a better experience. For webmasters who want to either keep their SERP rankings or elevate them, this means that SEO strategies that currently work might no longer do so tomorrow. One of the questions we commonly hear is regarding Click Through Rate (CTR). Does CTR still affect a site’s SEO ranking? Read ahead to know the answer.


What is Click Through Rate or CTR?


Before I answer your question, let’s discuss what CTR really means and what it supposedly does for a site’s SEO ranking. In a nutshell, CTR is the metric used to measure the number of web users who click a link against the total number of users who had the opportunity to do so. For example, if your site appears on a search results page, and the number of total users who clicked on your links was 40% out of a 100, then your Click Through Rate or CTR is 40%.


How to improve CTR

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So, how does CTR impact a site’s SEO rank?


There’s plenty of debate regarding this matter for years. But the current consensus is that yes, it does. Many studies show that CTR improves SERP rankings if the dwell time of users is good. Articles from Larry Kim, for example, shows precisely how CTR impacts a site’s SEO score. The artcle showed that by sending clicks to Rand’s SERPs, his rank moved from #7 to #1  in less than 3 hours. These clicks from real people only proved that CTR does indeed affect a website’s SEO ranking.


How is CTR important, then?

The studies above show that yes, CTR’s do have an immediate effect on your site’s search engine rankings. However, it doesn’t impact it in the way you think. CTR’s can temporarily make your ranking jump because Google’s algorithm is made to show trending and relevant content that can satisfy search users. CTRs are considered as a direct ranking factor in this regard. However, do remember that if you want an SEO strategy that works in the long-term with no additional exhaustive effort on your part, increasing CTR directly shouldn’t be your top priority. In fact, effective SEO strategies like white hat SEO can indirectly affect your CTR while boosting your SERP ranking in a direct and long-term way.


How can I improve my SEO ranking?


The real and long-term way to improve your site’s SEO ranking is by using legitimate, current, and effective SEO techniques.

Here are a couple of things you can do:


1. Improve your site’s user experience


Nowadays, search engines hold a more substantial factor towards sites with easy and smooth user experience. Ensure that you have high-quality content that engages your audience. Make your website fast, secure and optimized for mobile use. These things can not only make your customers happy but also increases your chances of getting ranked on SERPs.


2. Practice off-site SEO techniques


Off-site SEO techniques involve specific SEO strategies aimed at increasing your SERP ranking, and it is done outside of your own website. This often includes building links, guest posting, online directories, online press releases and many more. Off-site SEO is one of the most effective and legitimate methods you can use for online visibility.


3. Content is king


No matter who you ask, SEO experts will tell you only one thing. Writing high-quality content is the secret recipe for any successful digital marketing campaign. The best thing you can do is to write relevant, useful, engaging, and informative content that your target audience can actually find useful. This applies to everything including your own website’s content, blogs, press releases, social media postings, etc.


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