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There are several benefits of engaging remote software developers for your business needs. Cost savings might be the primary reason for enterprises to consider remote software developers, but quality, increased productivity and quick delivery are also on top of the list when you consider benefits.

While it’s critical that you find a reliable and experienced custom software development company, you must ensure that they house skillful, hardworking and qualified software or application developers who have worked on offshore projects previously. Imagine that you save time, money and effort to search for new software developers, and it’s so much easier to quickly engage with remote software professionals if you need people with unique skills.

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Are you skeptical that your remote team of software developers might be not be able to deliver as required? Do you suppose that working with a remote team can be unpredictable, stressful or difficult? I have collated a set of 7 recommendations that can be your guide, help your outsourced software development project to succeed and get the best from your remote software developer or team of remote software developers.

7 recommendations to manage remote software developers efficiently

1.    Plan

It’s important that you understand the areas that you wish to outsource. When you engage with remote software developers who are technical, you might not be sure of the aspects that you can control and trust the remote team with. You must plan the goals and deliverables and you must communicate it to the team of software developers working at remote location.

2.    Communicate (use video conferencing)

Communication is the key to bring clarity, understanding and ensure collaboration through the project. Most of the projects fail due to a lack of communication. Set the expectations clearly and baseline a review workflow and in case of changes communicate it in a timely manner to the remote team of software developers. Video conferencing will make the remote team feel that they relate to you and more personalized communication can happen.

You must ensure that you share feedback with the team regularly.

3.    Manage different time zones

Agree on a mutually suitable time for meetings and giving a brief as and when required. You must be sensitive of the time difference and agree on work timings at the project inception.

4.    Ensure that the remote team understands end-user needs

You have engaged with the outsourcing software development team of technical remote professionals to meet end-user requirements. Do not lose focus of the end users. You must communicate the business requirements to the team at the project inception.

5.    Ask developers to share their feedback

There might be scenarios where the software or application development team has a better idea compared to what you have on your mind. If you have open communication and encourage the remote software developers to contribute ideas, they might suggest something better in the application or software system being developed.

6.    Adopt a known software development model

Agile Software Development is a preferred software development model for small and large outsourced software development requirements. The agile model puts a lot of focus on client interaction and faster fixing of issues and challenges. It is easier to accommodate changes and deliverables are faster, more cost-effective and high-quality.

If you want the outsourcing software development company to use the agile software development methodology, ensure that the remote team members have in-depth knowledge of it.

7.    Use tools to manage tasks better

There are several online tools available (some of them are available for free) to help you achieve the desired goals. For example, Trello and Asana are effective task management tools. Slack is an excellent collaboration tool. You must make the use of these tools standardized for in-house and remote team. In case, you’re not aware of such tools, the software development team must be aware of the most effective tools.

If you’re still apprehensive about dealing with a software development remote worker or a remote team, you can share your queries with us. We can help you with all the answers.


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