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You are skeptical as the right talent is difficult to come by. To run all aspects of your business right, you must find that perfect offshore custom software development firm who can work as an extension of your business. But the question is how?

Most businesses understand that it is imperative to streamline software as per their unique requirements. They need customized software to optimize workflows, smoothen business processes, enhance business, close deals quickly, optimize business operations and provide exceptional customer services. Customized software can make every aspect of their business, almost perfect.

Offshore software Development

For a robust and high-quality custom software, businesses must seek the services of a 3rd party strategic partner who can provide custom software development services. Blindly entrusting just about any company for such a critical investment will lead to nothing but disaster.

  • What is the expertise of the right custom software development company?
  • What are the parameters against which you must judge if the custom software development company is right for you or not (besides technical expertise)?
  • Should you seek a strategic partner that has skills in emerging technologies?
  • Will you lose control if you give the reins of your custom software development in the hands of a third-party vendor?

While it’s critical to evaluate the technical expertise of the software developers, their business understanding, domain experience, industry knowledge, infrastructure, and commitment towards innovation, it is imperative to assess a few more things.

I have collated a list of top 4 critical factors that you must as a guide to find the best custom software development partner for your software development needs?

1.    Choose a learning software development company

It doesn’t matter whether the software development company is a newbie or a major player in the market, provided they’re a learning organization. They must be open to new development processes, emerging technologies and open to your working practices.

The offshore custom software development must be a learning organization to explore new innovative ways to communication. Communication is the cornerstone for the success of an offshore custom software development project. There are several communication tools that are available in the current times so your remote software developers must be able to recommend the most effective tools.

There are several task management, project management and time management tools also available. Ensure that your remote team of software developers are on top of the game for such tools.

Most importantly, there are constant upgrades to technologies, so your custom software development company should be an incessant learner to adopt new changes and technologies.

2.    Ensure that the custom software development company emphasizes on collaboration

Like communication, collaboration is the foundation for the success of an offshore custom software developer project. The offshore software developers can work just as effectively as an in-house team thanks to the multitude of collaboration tools. There is no need to compromise on quality or delivery timelines. Stakeholders can stay connected and project status can be as transparent as if the team was working in your premise. Real time collaboration is the key to requirement gathering, meeting timelines and bridging the gap between expectation and execution. The right custom software development company will collaborate to make the software better, reach consensus on the development methodologies, extent of testing, methods and scope.

3.    Ensure that you select a custom software development company with developers with business acumen

Software developers must have programming and business acumen. Evaluate the business experience, background check, references and past projects of the custom software development firm to find the right match for your enterprise. You can check the B2B Ratings and Reviews on Clutch to check the credibility of the firm.

Ensure that the custom software development company maintains a positive and good relations with their clients.

4.    Ensure that the legalities are in place

The offshore software development firm will have access to your information trade secrets and intellectual property. So, you must ensure to perform a thorough background check so that you check the integrity and reliability of the offshore software development company.

Therefore, evaluating the legal perspective is as important as the technical aspect to check if the offshore custom software development company will be able to deliver in synergy with your expectations.


ISHIR can be your perfect offshore custom software development partner to address all your business requirements on time and on budget. If you wish to discuss any concerns/feedback with us or wish to evaluate us, you can speak to us right away.


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