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If you’re wondering if it makes sense to still consider India as the right destination for software development outsourcing, you’re probably right. The Indian IT market has evolved like none other. While you have several IT outsourcing companies in India that can still give you the cost advantage but the advantages of software development outsourcing to India have expanded to much more. Software Development Outsourcing to India can help you lead the era of technology innovation and competitive edge. Find out more.

For years, India has been a preferred destination for software outsourcing. It has turned to a massive offshore software development hub to cater to requirements related to software application development, web application development, mobile app development and product development services. Though India is not devoid of IT outsourcing competitors like China, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic. But when it comes to top notch software outsourcing companies, there is no geography that is as advanced and progressive as India. India outshines all its competitors when it comes to cost and quality of software deliverables.

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If you hire software developers from the West, it will be expensive. It doesn’t make sense to hire in-house developers as it can be time consuming and expensive. That is why, for starters, it makes sense to outsource to India as there are talented resources available at a reasonable price who can deliver high-quality software following mature development models.

The Indian software companies are known to hire expert developers who are experienced at developing web and mobile software. They follow the latest tools and technologies, and international standards to deliver world-class quality. Well, if you’re concerned a lot about choosing the right offshore custom software development company in India, here is the complete guide covered in one of the recent blogs.

I have collated a list of 4 leading factors for India to be a preferred destination for software outsourcing.

1. Factor 1 – Large pool of talented resources

India has a large pool of talented engineers, software developers, testers, architects, analysts and programmers who are talented, skilled and well-qualified. It is expected that by 2020, India will have a pool of young and talented resources. The resources are getting qualified in next gen technologies like cloud, analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, and mobility.

There is a diversity of skilled resources who are experienced across multiple domains and industries.

2. Factor 2 – Fluency in English language

India has a large population of English speakers. In fact, English is the second language and the number of English speakers is increasing. Fluency of the language and excellent communication skills ensures that the Indian workforce can deliver seamlessly.

3. Factor 3 – Cost Advantage

The Indian resources come at a low operational and labor costs as compared to US and Europe. Indian software developers are known to deliver economic solutions. Indian software companies can offer optimized development approaches and cost-effective delivery models.

4. Factor 4 – Next gen technologies

Blockchain, IoT, AI, Machine Learning and innovations in social, mobile and analytics – India has skilled experts in the all the next gen technologies. The same was reiterated in one of our recent blogs titled Is India the best destination for IT Outsourcing in AI and IoT services?.

Software developers are available across the globe. It will be wrong to be overenthusiastic and select a software outsourcing vendor in a jiffy will be a huge mistake. You need to find the right software development outsourcing partner in India to achieve software solutions to successfully achieve business goals. You can speak to one of our experts if you wish to partner with the right software development outsourcing service provider.


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