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Long distance relationships are difficult to manage – right? Wrong. Well, I am not here to delve into the personal kind of relations but when it comes to managing an offshore web development company, you clearly need to know the ways for a rewarding relationship. I agree that there is a lot of choice and confusion when it comes to selecting offshore web development company in India. You are confused about the parameters to select to help you find a trustworthy offshore web development company that can deliver on time, without any errors, high-quality deliverables and at a cost that suits your financial budget. Of course, their ability to deliver on time also matter a lot.

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I have collated a list of 6 tips that are practical, workable, simple and yet foolproof to help you find the best offshore web development partner to meet your business goals. You need to be certain that the Indian offshore web development firm has the aptitude and attitude to deliver.


1. Read the reviews and check the background of the offshore web development company

There are several offshore web development companies in India but only the right firm can address your business needs. Online reviews, ratings on reputed websites, accreditation can help you establish the fact whether the firm can deliver on time, can work on complex requirements and if they can deliver on time.

It is also a good idea to assess the web designers and web developers they have. You can collate a list of questions related to their background and team and ask them.


2. Assess the approach to manage change requests

The development approach and the offshore web development company’s way to manage change requests is critical to the delivery of your web development project. The agility that the offshore web development firm will use to address change requests will be critical to your web development project.


3. Check the tools that they use for source control and track bugs

You must inquire about the tools that the offshore web development firm uses to control the source and bugs. If an offshore web development firm tracks the changes that are made in the source code, it is usually helpful at the time of project maintenance. With a bug tracker tool, the offshore web development company can track, find, log and fix the bugs that are discovered in the web development project. The source code tool and the bug tracking tool are extremely critical to the success of an offshore web development project.


4. Importance to QA testing

You need to question the amount of time that the offshore web development team will devote to QA testing and if they have a team of dedicated software testers. Web developers don’t have the ability to comprehensively check the quality as thoroughly as the QA testers. There are various types of software testing methodologies. You can check the thoroughness with these methodologies to evaluate if the offshore web development company can deliver high-quality project.


5. Check the pricing models of the offshore web development company

The primary reason for you to search for an offshore web development firm and outsource your web development project is cost. So, inquire about the different pricing models that the offshore web development services company has and ascertain if it matches your financial expectations (and the impact on financials when there are change requests). Also, you need to ask them if they track the metrics that can give you a clear picture of your ROI.


6. Check an ask for client references and past work                                                                                                     

This may seem as obvious and something you might get without asking but you need to check on this aspect thoroughly. Check if the offshore web development company has done similar work or a web development project in a similar industry/ domain. Speak to their clients to understand their ability to deliver on time and within the expected budget.

I hope the handy tips above can help you find the right offshore web development project to help you achieve your business goals. If you are still scouting for a reliable, experienced and mature offshore web development firm, we’re right here. Let’s start talking.



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