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The new year is fast approaching with a promise to bring innovative ways to work, new trends and improved software. There are experts from several offshore web design companies who are predicting the future of web design and development trends in 2019. I have collated a list of the upcoming web design trends that will help your website to stay current, competitive and, most importantly, stay successful. If you’re a business owner whose business is primarily driven with your website, then it is imperative to stay abreast with the web design trends 2019. I can’t think of any business owner who will not like to keep on top of the web trends. Website is what every consumer and customer checks first thing as soon as they hear of the brand name. Your website is your most important brand ambassador and you don’t wish it to get obsolete.

Web design trends 2019

There is a lot that changes in a year – best practices, visuals, algorithms and trends. Rather than following every trend, you need a professional, experienced and genuine web designer who can tell you the difference between trends that are fad and the ones that will make an impact. With an impressive user-interface you can make a difference in your site visits, and it will also improve your bottom line.

There is one thing that all our experienced offshore web designers echoed – the top web design trends for 2019 will be speed, mobile-design, immersive video background, and asymmetrical layouts. I haven’t listed an astounding and eye-catching web design as it goes without saying. Let me give you a few details about each of these points based on the inputs from our top-tiered web designers.

  • Speed

We all know that consumers are getting impatient (including all of us). Thanks to mobiles, we expect things to come to us instantly. So, you have 3 seconds to make your website sticky. If consumers are not impressed within the first 3 seconds, you will lose them.

Many expensive web designers might lure you into getting a beautifully designed website, but one that doesn’t load quickly. The beauty of the website is trash if it doesn’t help you convert. In addition to it, Google prioritizes websites that load faster for its rankings.

  • Mobile-design

Mobile websites are overtaking desktop websites just as Google prioritizes mobile sites over the ones that aren’t mobile-friendly. You can’t assume that the desktop website will work equally well on mobile devices. Enriched user experience on mobiles that are quick to load will help meet the demands of mobile users.

  • Immersive video background

You might think that videos might slow down a website but with immersive videos, you have something compelling to get users’ intent. Trends show that websites that have videos in the background can grab users’ attention and make the stay on the website for longer. The longer they stay, the chances of conversions increases many fold.

  • Asymmetrical layouts

Web designers are moving towards fast, flat and minimalist design. With asymmetrical designs, web designers maintain consistency and alignment when they add content. The use of white space, unusual placements, use of varied colors and textures, repeating irregular patterns, and use of creative typography.

If you are seeking attention-grabbing visuals or a minimalistic design that can stun your visitors, you need to work with professional and experienced web designers.

So, in the next year, you want to keep your website fresh, amazing and resourceful, let’s start talking.


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