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There’ve been several machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, platforms and software in 2018. These platforms, software and tools have impacted every industry like legal, healthcare, automobile, manufacturing and agriculture. There are big brand names like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft that have been investing in such technologies for several years now. They wish to be leaders and trend setters to explore new areas of these technologies.

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While there are several predictions and expectations from AI and related technologies, I feel there will be 10 predominant trends that will dominate AI.


1. Automated Machine Learning will become critical

AutoML are automated machine learning based solutions. It will help developers and business analysts to enhance machine learning models to cater to complicated scenarios without learning or getting trained on ML models. AutoML helps the developers to deliver the desired customization without the need for complicated workflows. AutoML is expected to give a lot of flexibility along with portability of custom data.


2. Edge will unlock the combined power of IoT and AI

Next year, it is expected that Edge computing will unleash the power of IoT and AI. It is expected that advanced Machine Learning models that are grounded in neural networks will be perfect to run on edge. These can manage time series data, video frames, and ease of managing unstructured data generated from cameras, sensors and microphones.


3. AI-enabled chips will be introduced

In 2019, it is expected that companies like ARM, Intel and Qualcomm will introduce AI-enabled chips for AI-enabled applications. The chips will be optimized for specific use cases related to speech recognition, natural language processing and computer vision.


4. Get prepared for AIOps

AIOps will allow you to apply AI to operations to revamp infrastructure management. When the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence concepts are applied to infrastructure management, it helps to perform a defined and truthful root cause analysis for the operations team. AIOps will become popular as DevOps and AI converge.


5. Interoperability becomes important for neural networks

Interoperability in neural networks can become a hindrance in AI adoption. To that effect, biggies like Microsoft, IBM AWS and Facebook and have built ONNX or Open Neural Network Exchange. Thanks to ONNX that it’s possible to reuse trained neural network models across several frameworks.


6. Cybersecurity will depend on AI

AI will help enterprises to reinvent cybersecurity. Hackers are using newer techniques and ways to hack company’s data. The future of cybersecurity will be automated with the increased digitization of assets and processes with the help of AI.


7. Open source AI communities will grow

There are an increasing number of AI tools and software are using open source software. Enterprises will open source their AI stacks to build communities in these projects. In fact, large companies that already started such efforts have already experienced advantages.


8. AI-enabled recruitment tools

Recruitment is tedious and stressful. There are recruitment chatbots that are gaining popularity, that can help pre-qualify candidates and decide his or her application. In 2019, there will be several AI tools to help you communicate and screen candidates.


9. Advanced AI assistants will gain momentum

Apple’s Siri, Alexa and other such devices have already been benefiting consumers. AI assistants can answer your questions and play the music you desire. There will be more advanced AI-enabled assistants at homes and workforce. More and more enterprises are trying to provide individualized experiences with the help of AI.


10. AI will enhance in-store consumer experience

Artificial Intelligence will be used build loyalty and customer experience. Customers receive personalized recommendations when they shop online. Retailers will be able to offer the same level of benefits when customers shop online with the help of AI-based solutions.

So, what are your plans to adopt AI in 2019?

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