Magento has evolved as a versatile and flexible e-commerce platform for business owners who wish to have an online store or wish to revamp their existing e-Commerce store. It is a platform that offers security and scalable features, which is what business owners absolutely require, and it is highly customizable, which is what developers need. Adorned with several features, Magento offers all the basic and advanced features that are required for a complete online store.

I can go on about why Magento is the most suitable platform for an eCommerce website but that is something that was covered in one of our earlier blogs titled, Why is Magento a preferred technology to develop Ecommerce solutions?. The purpose of this blog is to uncover key indicators to help you decide the most suitable eCommerce Website Design and Development Company using Magento technology.

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I can assure you that an e-commerce website developed on Magento platform, which has great UX, and provides user-centric content is bound to succeed. Of course, the sustainability of this online business will depend on how often you update the website to accommodate latest technology and industry trends. I have collated a guide of 10 points to help you choose the best Magento Development Company for your requirement for an ecommerce development company.

1.  Evaluate the experience of the company

Experience and knowledge are the best ways to know if the company can deliver as you desire. Check the ecommerce websites that the company has developed in the past and check the ecommerce websites developed on Magento platform. Ask them their experience of troubleshooting technical issues and technical challenges. You need to check the ability of their Magento team to deliver on time.

2.  Check online reviews

Check online reviews of the Magento Development Company to get an idea of what their past clients think about them. Check online reviews on Clutch and read the rating and reviews of other clients.

3.  Access to trained Magento professionals

If you engage with a trusted, established and experienced Magento Development Company, they will have a team of Magento developers at all levels. The company will invest in training their Magento professionals on latest trends, updates and best practices.

4.  Ask about their turnaround time

Ensure that the Magento Development Company has experience of delivering on time and on budget. In case there are setbacks in the project, how will the Magento team manage them. Evaluate their capability of delivering on time and as per the clients’ requirements.

5.  Check the company’s portfolio

Portfolio is a great way to assess a company’s capability. You can get a clear picture on the working style and creativity caliber of the company. You will also get an idea if the company has delivered projects that are like your business and requirements.

6.  Inquire about their communication methodology

Does the Magento Development Company incorporate client feedback and accommodate changes during the project? The developers should communicate on time and must have transparent policy of communicating the status. In case of lapses or delays, the team should be upfront to seek feedback from client.

7.  Ask how much weightage they give to security

E-commerce businesses are exposed to vulnerabilities and security breaches. Cybercriminals are always seeking loopholes on the website to get access to sensitive information. Discuss the different ways that the Magento e-commerce development company will ensure safety and security of the ecommerce solution. Ask questions like how the latest version will be incorporated, if a secure FTP will be used, if a secure SQL firewall will be deployed, etc.

8.  Assess their focus on quality

Testing is a critical aspect for any software development, web development or mobile development project. Besides experienced Magento developers, ensure that the Magento Development Company has a qualified and knowledgeable QA team. They must have extensive testing process to ensure that your e-commerce doesn’t meet a deadlock for its users.

9.  Inquire their extent of post developmental support

Post development support is important to manage bugs and issues that your ecommerce platform will face after it is launched. It ensures better execution of online store, addition of latest features, operational efficiency and customization and integration of 3rd-party tools and software.

10.  Find out what their pricing includes

While this might be the most important factor for you, but you must ensure that quality of work is not compromised due to your budget. Confirm if you need to pay extra for additional work, what are the engagement models, and most importantly if the company is crystal clear about their pricing policy (with no hidden or ambiguous terms in the contract).


Magento is one of the most sturdy and trusted technology platforms for ecommerce platform development. If you’re planning to upgrade your ecommerce platform or intend to get a new one developed, you can request a free consultation session with one of our experts.


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