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In this Covid19 lockdown situation, where many businesses are working remotely, many are left with no option but to shut the business for sometime(or permanently). During these difficult times, the outsourcing is the new normal. If your company’s growth is software dependent and your internal IT team has too many things on their plates, you should think of hiring a remote team.

With the advent of video conferencing and social media, more companies and industries have adopted remote working rather than traditional office work. Remote jobs allow professionals, freelancers and even entrepreneurs to work from wherever they please as long as the goals of the employer and employee are met.

In the last decade, the population of remote workers has increased and will continue to do so. This can be attributed to new technologies such as face timing, video conferencing, more internet accessibility and great apps that allows users to perform office tasks efficiently.

According to a survey by buffer, 90% of remote workers wish to continue that way for the rest of their lives and 94% recommend others to opt for remote jobs. This shows that the majority of the workforce prefer working remotely and the reason is obvious. Remote jobs give employees the freedom to work wherever they feel most comfortable, and helps them manage their professional and personal lives better. Other benefits are; ability to spend more time with family, more travels, a more conducive working environment, they can avoid office politics, and they can also pursue other career goals.

Remote Team Management

What is happening in today’s remote working system?

Most big industries have started to accept this working system because it saves them more money on internet and office space costs, and it has been proved the employees perform better when working remotely than in the office. Workers can now work from the comfort of their home, cafes and coworking spaces. This makes workers manage their schedule better and creates more time for other activities.

Remote workers earn big

Unlike the early times when remote workers were paid below the minimum wage, now these workers enjoy a consistent paycheck per annum depending on their profession. Remote workers earn from $25,000-$125,000 every year which makes it a great option.

More companies are beginning to accept the remote system

Although some companies are still struggling to adapt fully to this working system due to the nature of the job, such companies even spare some of their staff a day or two to work from home.

Remote workers have proven to be more productive

The flexibility achieved by this working system has made it more dynamic and productive than traditional in office work. This has encouraged more companies to establish large remote working groups and made more workers opt for it.

Companies have access to professionals across the globe

Now, companies can have the most qualified professionals from all over the globe working for them without the need for face to face conversations. Most small scale and medium scale businesses, especially those that specialize in the IT industry and have a staff population of over 10-25 people, tend to hire more remote workers. With the remote team, the company doesn’t require a large office or headquarters to accommodate all its employees which in turn saves them money on building costs.

What lies ahead for remote jobs in 2019

Remote team has numerous benefits and has proven to be even as productive or even more than office work. But there are still certain drawbacks in the system. The first of them being communication, not that remote workers don’t talk or see each other, but the quality of communication is the problem here.

AI technology will enhance communication amongst remote groups

Employers and employees need a more realistic feeling when having meetings which video conferencing can’t provide fully. In 2019, the use of AI to enhance the communication experience between the management and staff.

Virtual reality conferencing will take over video conferencing

Also, more companies will begin to adopt virtual reality conferencing over video conferencing because of the more realistic view and feel it can achieve during meetings.

Higher work input due to favorable conditions

Productivity will increase because workers are more relaxed and satisfied working from home. These conditions will bring more output and help industries to achieve their goals.

Industries will save more on internet and office space cost

Industries will save more on internet, electricity and office space costs than in previous years. Therefore, they get the same level of efficiency from employees and reduction in expenses which is a reasonable return on investment for them.

New technologies will help employers manage remote workers better

Advanced tech combined with responsible and diligent workers would make managerial roles easier. The management team of such companies will need to set remote work policies to keep employees conscious of their target and expectations by the end of the day.

In conclusion, the majority of the working population will continue to tilt towards remote job opportunities in 2019. Most IT companies, small scale, and medium scale businesses will hire a more significant percentage of remote workers than in previous years. If you are still confused about choosing a remote team for your next project, talk to our outsourcing experts today!


  1. ROSS GRAY says:

    Remote employees tend to feel lonely so companies will pay more attention to employee engagement. This is one remote work trend we will likely to see in the future.

  2. Tanu says:

    There is a constant change in remote working people. We get a trend for remote working here not only the present but future estimates are also present, this makes it all the more impressive. You have done a great job.

  3. roma says:

    The remote working becomes trends among the people. It helps in saving time and money. Due to increasing technology, remote working becomes trendy and now many people begin to use it. Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

  4. Caroline says:

    With the wave of remote hiring, the power of businesses has amplified as they can now hire competent candidates from all over the world. Thus, it is highly essential for companies to hire remote developers with the right credentials and skills, which is quite tricky when you and your developers are miles apart.

  5. Douglas Fuller says:

    I also agree that most IT companies, small scale, and medium scale businesses will hire a more significant percentage of remote workers than in previous years

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    Impressive!Thanks for the post

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