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The internet is overflowing with blogs in every nook and corner. If you own a business, today, blogs are one of the significant ways to generate traffic to the website.

However, as much as it might seem like you are doing everything right, it might be possible that the blogs are still not contributing much to leads or revenue. So now is the time to take a hard look at how to improve the blogs to yield a positive response from the audience.

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Here are the 15 best tactics business owners should approach their blogs with.

1. Content is King

Let us go back to the very first line of this article. There is no shortage of blogs out there; in fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the World Wide Web is littered with blogs. Among the myriad of options, what would make a blog stand out is undoubtedly its quality. 43% of internet users claim that they skim read the blog posts. It is challenging to create intrigue among readers and even worse to maintain that.

Filling up the blog section with irrelevant posts would even create adverse effects for its success. The first step to creating an appealing blog is mastering the art of content research.

2. Content Research

This point, due to its importance, deserves a section by itself. Content Research is essential to understand what the target audience would like to hear from you. The substance of the articles has to be appropriate to the brand, educative and pertinent to the readers.

A common mistake bloggers do these days are to randomly interject anchor texts or keywords that are in no way related to the business. This would result in a forced narrative, making it evident that the article is used for promotional purposes rather than being informative. If all the blogs are repeated in this fashion, it will reduce the value of the blog tremendously.

3. Publish on Schedule

Having a blog schedule will keep the audience interested in the content. One can set an agenda; it does not matter if it is once a week or once in a fortnight, the key is to stick to it. It is essential not to lose track of the system. It wouldn’t take much longer for people to lose interest if the blog has been inactive for a while.

4. Weigh the Competition

For any business, the competition is unavoidable. But there are ways to use this to your advantage. Checking out the competitors’ posts will give insight on what the audience resonates with. Especially for new bloggers, this competitive analysis will shine the light on the type of content that is most frequently read and shared. With the many analytic tools available today, find out the high rated blogs of your particular field and do some research.

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5. Master Keyword Research

Till now we discussed the different aspects to look at in creating the blogs. When we get into the actual content part, there is nothing more important than keywords. Bloggers who earn high income are 4.3 times likely to conduct keyword research for their blogs.

It would take and dedication to finding keywords that are not so high in volume but have keyword difficulty. At the same time, bombarding the blog content with keywords wouldn’t do any good either. There have to be thematic phrases that allow the strategic placement of keywords, that does not harm the concept of the blog in anyway.

6. Call for Action from Audience

The infamous CTAs are everywhere now. But without a good Call to Action, a blog is practically useless. CTAs suggest the reader which action to be taken from the blog, how to make use of the content and consequently generate leads to the webpages. This could be a simple anchor link or a pop-up page that advocates for registration on the website.

7. Nail the Visual Appeal

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Any blog with only text and no images are incredulously boring. The page has to be appealing to the eyes and if possible speak with images itself. People now have the very short attention span and the images might be the only things that convince to stop and take a look. Infographics are an excellent way to make bold content and sum up the blogs efficiently.

8. Place Opt-in Options

Another proven approach to ensuring that the blogs reach the audience is to encourage them to sign up for newsletters. This will enable the business to reach the audience directly and pitch the sales directly through emails. As long as you don’t spam them, a newsletter is always a great way to generate leads.

9. Catch Attention with Headlines

Why do we end up clicking on a gossip post even if we know that it is immaterial in every way? Most probably because of the compelling headline. We, humans, are somehow wired to click on links with headlines that arouse curiosity. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people choose articles based on headlines. Clickbait as idiotic as it might seem has been proven to be a very enticing factor in encouraging the user to take a look at the content.

10. Use Analytic Tools

Though we brushed upon this in a previous point, let us elaborate that a bit here. There are dozens of tools available now to measure the quantity, quality, and performance of your blogs as well as your competitors. Google itself offers an array of tools like Google Keyword Planner, Suggest, Search, trends and independent platforms like AHrefs, and SEMRush are only a few of the many resourceful sites that could help with blogging.

11. Design the Landing Pages

Work with the idea that every page on the website is a landing page. You cannot always assume which link the reader will be opening. Even though you direct them to a particular page, they might soon redirect themselves to the Home or even the FAQ. That is precisely why every page should have an appealing design and a strong CTA.

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12. Focus on Evergreen Content

Evergreen content that stays relevant through the entirety of time will make sure that it never that the blog never goes out of style. They require very less effort once publishing but will continue to generate leads throughout.

13. Lists Are always  Attractive

The most popular version of evergreen content are lists. This type of blogs works in several ways; as an attentive headline, a quick read for the skimmers and if carefully worked out, an evergreen masterpiece. Lists often give the impression of blogging authority, especially if it has excellent content to back it up.

14. Try NewsJacking

On the other hand, evergreen content alone is not enough. At times, covering a trendy topic might be just what your blog needs to catch attention. Even if the fad lasts only a couple of days, it could contribute to amplifying the success.

15. Learn from Reviews

When you have done everything you can, it is essential to listen to the audience to upgrade the blog. As a blogger, don’t expect to be right or to be praised for efforts. The client might not always be right, but if there are ways to turn it into something positive for your own success, do not hesitate to embrace the criticisms.

To sum up, if the most integral parts of the blogging have to be named, it will go like this; content, consistency, and keywords. It might take a few trial runs to figure out what is best for your business. But it is a journey worth every single step.

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Michelle Brooks is an optimist and has mastered the art of optimization techniques of the internet.  She currently works for a service that writes essays, helping students to craft their academic excellence. She is well versed in the language of blogging, pets, and music.


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