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Mobile Application Development December 3, 2012 Last Updated: December 3, 2012

Growing Popularity of Mobile Apps

With the growing popularity of iPhones, Android phones, and BlackBerrys among consumers, smart phones have steadily forayed into the daily lives of millions around the world, enabling them to keep in constant touch with people and things that matter the most.


Today, millions of mobile applications are available in the apps market. These can be used for obtaining information, playing games, GPS, entertainment, ticket reservation and a lot of other things. However, this is just not enough. The demand for innovative and useful mobile applications is increasing at a rapid pace even now. This has created a need for mobile app developers to make more innovative mobile apps and to be more competitive.


Increasing Competition among Mobile App Developers

The demand for mobile applications is increasing with every passing day and so is the competition among various mobile app developers. To stay ahead of the competition and to get noticed by users, are the main challenges being faced by mobile app developers.


Today is a scenario where whether you are selling your app or offering it for free with integrated ads, your goal is to ensure maximum downloads. The maximum downloads on your app will come only if you are able to attract a large pool of users. This is, however, a task that is easier said than done. This is the reason why mobile app developers are always searching for new ways to attract local app users.       


Ways to Attract App Users

There has always been a misconception among developers that buying traffic to convert to users can help you in making your app a hit. Though it does works sometimes yet this technique cannot always lead you in making your app popular.


Creating unique, simple, user-friendly mobile applications using advance technologies can help you a great deal in drawing and retaining the attention of app users. However, some of the best ways by which you can attract local app users and enhance your marketing strategy are mentioned below:


Adopt a Unique Approach
To adopt a unique approach is the need of the hour today in order to make your app popular among consumers. To beat the competition, your mobile app should be unique and thus should outshine in the crowded app market.


Make User Friendly Apps
No matter how unique is your app, it would not be able to fetch users for itself if it will not be user friendly. The reason being, the users do not have time to look into the complexities of your app and thus, will leave it then and there. So, keep all the procedures of your app simple and comprehensible.


Introduce Social Networking Sites in your Marketing Strategy
Social networking sites are the biggest weapons in your hands that you can use in your marketing strategy. Make it simple for people to invite and share with friends and position your application as a specialty product that allows for self-expression.


Go for Viral Marketing
Viral marketing is one way by which you can attract a large pool of consumers. In viral marketing, users are acquired via word of mouth marketing. Developers should look for ways to improve the number of ads shown in their app as it helps in attracting more and more users.

To give an example, if every user acquired through advertising generates 1.25 additional users during the marketing test, the developer can see that his marketing investment will be highly leveraged. However, if the advertising does not generate any viral effects, the developer might have to think to recreate his mobile app rather than investing more on it. This proves really beneficial.


Cross Platform Capability
To make your app popular, it is important for you to reach a wide variety of users. Thus, try to make your app work on every possible platform, including, iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.


Start Blogging
Write a blog devoted to the new application launched by you. Once it gets noticed by the top bloggers, they will do marketing for it themselves and in no time will make your app popular.


Promo Production with Your Mobile App’s Theme
Giving giveaways such as, calendars, notebooks and folders with app’s theme to your clients and partners, is another good way of marketing your app. This is because having these necessary items; people will see your business app’s logo multiple times a day. This would help in promoting your mobile app further.


In nutshell, mobile application is a huge and constantly developing market. The developers need to maintain their pace with the fast changing trends of the mobile app industry if they wish to stay ahead in the market. However, for now, considering these various ways to attract a large number of users to your mobile app can certainly, take you ahead of your competitors and thus, ahead in the mobile app industry.


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