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A new year has come, and this only means that we all have a renewed interest in novelty.
So, to cure this creative thirst, we have for you 15 of this year’s web design trends that will surely have you craving more for all these visual candies.

1. The Simple and the Bold

The soft and the safe are moving down a notch for web designing trends 2020 because strength and impact take charge of the helm. Establishing the bold alongside the clean and the strong used to be the first pagers, but now they are being used in almost every page of the designing book. It shouldn’t even be surprising since this style of work grabs your attention immediately, but isn’t too overwhelming for viewers and readers.

This is advertising and design’s divorce from a muted color scheme with safe shades and shadowing. It is more straightforward and direct, with the impact that hits you where it hurts or closest to home.

2. Asymmetry is the Way to Go

One of the things that make us inherently human is our imperfections, and it is by this fact that the trend of asymmetry took web design and development by storm.

Web Designers take a break from their organized and orderly grid-based layouts and took a hard turn towards a style that exudes independence, individuality, and also fun! This, however, is a critical line to walk on because on the other side of the border is chaos and incomprehensibility.

3. Loud and Proud

One that’s leading the web design and development trends for 2020 is the integration of the bold and the bright to everyday imagery. This is especially evident in the supersaturated rich colors of posters that can catch your eye from a mile away.

This trend banks on Typography that can, in turn, take on any identity. But, the design trend of the loud and proud is assertive and demanding. It doesn’t beg to be seen, it screams at you to look at what it wants to tell you.

4. Made by Hand

Inspired by and derived from an art movement from 1880 to 1920, this trend has reached web development in 2020 and has become the go-to of many designers all over the world. It has gained popularity because of how human it is as an approach to design.

This trend is composed of handmade works like handwriting, painted fonts, calligraphy, scanned collages, and mixed media art that get incorporated into advertising, web development, and product design.

5. Minimalism

One of the strongest examples of such an aesthetic is Kinfolk, which had dominated interior design and photography websites for a few years now. However, it is now integrated into web development as an approach toward sustainability and space conservation, and it has become the common preference of web designing experts. This trend makes use of hidden navigation bars, less intricate detailing and font variety, and a strong focus on functionality. Another effective application of this trend is any product from Apple.

6. Going on in the Background

This was a trend that caters to the kind of web design that prioritizes high-quality photography, videography, or graphic design. Web development 2020 has adopted visual strength through wide imagery or an auto-playing video in the background for websites. These usually keep viewers and visitors lingering more on the website out of curiosity.

7. VUI or Voice-over User Interface

This is an alternative emerging trend that utilizes voice and sound design instead of just a strong background visual. It is one of the effective web design and development trends as it urges people to stay and listen, and the longer people stay on the site, the higher the probability that they find things that could interest them.

8. 3-D Design

Web Design and Development has incorporated the 3D design into the mix, and this gives the viewer the depth perception that they see in real-time. This is the simple version of virtual reality, and it is mostly rigid and unmoving. However, it does give off the impression of stability and reality. Merged with other trends like bold colors and specific typographies, it can surely gather a following.

9. Parallax Web Design

Parallax was used in web design as a scrolling technique that allows for a pseudo-3D view when page scrolling at different speeds. It was developed alongside the adoption of IPS technology or In-Plane Switching on an LED device screen. Such innovation allows for a crisp and bolder display of imagery, thus allowing you to make the most out of this trend. This was a technique adopted from the video gaming industry.

10. Augmented Reality

A trend notably executed by web developers and more all over the US, this one incredibly enhances the online buying experience since it allows for the analysis of the product prior to the purchase. This allows the person to make sound decisions, thus serving as a promotion for the company as well.

11. Illustrative Geometry

Web designing experts utilize the vector-like art that works closely to ones made by hand, but are made of strong crisp lines and geometric figures. This line-work has been incredibly popular in design circles, and it is precisely this kind of aesthetic that beginners go for.

12. Keep it simple; keep it fun

Simplicity is still key as it is the shortest distance between two points. So, this trend cashes in on three needs: to give a message, to make a positive impact, and be remembered for it. This is specifically applied to company logos who have been changed recently to welcome the new year.

13. Dynamic Illustrations and Integrated GIFs

All with the goal to catch the eye and garner as much attention for enough time to retain audience and traffic, dynamic imagery was used on websites. It became one of the most prevalent trends to lead web development in 2020 and is still an effective ploy for social media.

14. Brutalism

This trend is very similar to the simple and bold tandem trend but employs shadowing techniques and texturing styles like halftones. It also utilizes a rich color palette and sturdy sans serif fonts that make really great headers for websites and other web development software.

15. Push Notifications

This is already an established trend, and it’s here to stay for web development in 2020. It’s an effective way to get the viewer’s attention, and although it may get disregarded most of the time, it pays off the moment it catches the eye. This is precisely where efficient web design comes into play, and it may even provide us all a win-win situation through quick information.

All that being said, all these trends have their foundations on two very key principles: Simplicity and Functionality. Once these two principles are satisfied and executed properly, we can most likely look forward to another great year for Web design and development. If you still have questions, reach out to our web design and development experts. Click here.


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