By 2020, which is barely a few weeks away, there will exist more than ten billion IoT devices. Moreover, 2025 even promises a larger estimate of twenty-two billion devices. The world’s connection to the internet has rapidly risen over the past few years. This rise accounts for a vast equivalent demand in this industry, which has witnessed the mobile app development.

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Here are 14 of the best IoT mobile app development trends you can expect in 2020:

#1. Smart home devices will become more popular

The charm of having a smart home device with Internet Of Things(IoT) is irresistible, even to those who initially loathed the technology. These devices are set to increase in 2020 as they stretch towards home automation and security. For example, dryers with warnings can prevent a fire tragedy from getting a hold of your house. Another great example is the use of smart lighting and thermostats, which reduce bills by conserving energy. With IoT devices, full intelligent homes will soon become the typical order of day.

#2. The use of IoT in public environment

IoT has a robust infrastructure that is being set up in various cities around the globe. This is why it leads to enhanced safety and even efficiency. What you can expect in 2020 is the fast transfer or streaming analytics and more real-world mobile app development outsourcing.

#3. The healthcare system will use IoT in most situations

The use of IoT technology is significant in the healthcare sector. Devices configured to connect with Internet of Things(IoT) include medical equipment, portable devices, and sensors, among several others.

#4. Edge computing will take a more significant share than cloud computing

The use of edge computing helps to turn down network traffic and manage large data amounts. Here is how it works: rather than sending all the data from a device to the cloud, it is sent through a local device closest to the IoT.

#5. The blockchain sector will benefit

The use of IOTA is set to reduce the cost of cloud and SaaS. IOTA is a distributed ledger that can record and carry out transactions between IoT devices.

#6. IoT security will have a more significant priority

As the mobile application development increases, so do the data volumes. This translates to more information being at risk of cyber-attacks and piracy. This is why a boost in IoT security is a significant factor in the offing. Not all IoT devices have enough protection like laptops and computers. Nonetheless, this is something sure to change in 2020.

#7. The employment of IoT in data analytics

Internet of Things(IoT) is set to combine with Artificial Intelligence(AI) to come up with intelligent and potent decision-making assistants. With IoT being an excellent tool for analyzing trends, this is something not far from reality, especially in 2020.

Mobile App Development Services

#8. The use of AI and big data

The influx of billions of consumers and devices connecting to the IoT and data transmission networks means that there will be a higher amount of data, which will proliferate. Therefore, big data techniques will be relevant for processing all the information accrued. The combination of big data, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Internet of Things(IoT) will create a custom mobile app development wave like never seen before.

#9. Retail personalization

Internet of Things(IoT) has made shopping a lot easier, thanks to the employment of sensors and other brilliant technologies. 2020 will see IoT making shopping even easier through directing clients to the exact place a product is, using a map.

#10. An increase in smart cities

In the recent past, various states were using technologies to make data collection more straightforward. In 2020, we might probably see the actualization of thoughts relating to smart cities. This will not only decrease congestion but also improve security and sustainable development.

#11. Predictive maintenance

This is set to help curb disasters caused by a lack of proper maintenance, either at home or away. For example, the use of custom mobile apps that tell you when your home appliances have a glitch will increase in 2020. This type of technology is what airplanes and vehicles are using.

#12. The use of software as a service(SaaS)

It is challenging to mention IoT without software. The use of software as a service(SaaS) is set to transform the lives people and make living more comfortable.

#13. Increased human interaction with IoT

The use of strapped devices using IoT is set to go up in 2020. Humans will soon be fully monitored using sensors, thanks to IoT. The data can ideally help in recruitment and other processes.

#14. Resource management

Energy and resource management much depends on a firm understanding of consumption. The use of electrical panels, for example, is set to help check energy consumption and make resource management a lot easier. Ultimately, IoT is set to make life a lot easier for everyone. This is including, but not limited to, mobile app development services.


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